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Virtual Brazilian Army Aviation




IVAO Virtual Brazilian Army Aviation special operations group

AVEX VIRTUAL or EBV, is a denomination of the Brazilian Army Aviation Group (AvEBv), a group founded by military aviation enthusiasts with rotating wings and representing a flight silhouette of the Brazilian Army, along with other military branches (such asAir Force and Navy) on the IVAO network. EBV pilots are mostly based in Brazil, primarily involved with rotary-wing operations. Some of our members include women and people with special needs.

Divisional Special Operations Letter of Agreement (LOA)

LOA EFFECTIVE DATE 24 November, 2017

This LOA is outdated and may contain incorrect information; this LOA will be reviewed by the Brazil Division (BR) Special Operations Coordinator (SOC) shortly. It is displayed for reference only. Updated LOA will be published on this page as soon as BR SOC reviews it. Meanwhile, if needed, please contact BR SOC for enquiries. Contact details are on the right.

Speed Restrictions

IFR supersonic flights only above FL420 or inside restrict areas for military operations (SBRs) coordinating with BR-SOD;
Jet Fighters below FL100 – MAX 350Kts;
Jet Fighters above FL100 – Mach 0.99;
Other military aircraft – GAT operation limits;
Supersonic flights allowed to supersonic passenger transport aircraft (Ex: Concord, TU144/160) .

Restrict Areas and Control Positions

All SBR (restrict) areas can be check inside a document ENR 5 (in Portuguese)

      XXXX_M_XXX (Military ATC positions)

The military control positions or _M_, on Brazilian Division, are restrict to events and official operations with coordination direct with BR-SOD.
The military control is responsible for military flights inside the operation region, however, when no civilian ATC on the same region, military ATC need to give service to civilian flights when requested.

      XXXX_M_CTR (Military Center Control)

It’s responsible for conduct coordinate intercept missions and big events. Uses the callsign “Thor”.


For all flights, the squawk should be get on Brazilian ATC system, called KOIOS: http://www.ivao.com.br/ssr/
//●  only connected ATCs can access the system with IVAO login.//

Military Training Activities

All activities of military training are allowed on Brazilian Division, including Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground training activities, since attending HQ-SOD rules as in this link Click here.


All members involved on intercept activities should be previously communicate and should agree to the intercept go ahead. Civilian flight not participating from the military operations are not allowed to be intercepted, being subject to the rules of conduct from IVAO and respective punishments.

ATC Classification

      FRA: check the FRA list on BR site (http://www.ivao.com.br/mapa-fra.php) and (https://www.ivao.aero/fras/list.asp?id=BR)

      GCA: Any member from IVAO that is not from Brazilian Division and wish control on Brazilian positions should have at least ADC rating and need submit a theoretical-practical assessment accord with actual rating. To request GCA, the member should have:

●  Ability to communicate in Portuguese and English;

●  Knowledge of local standard phraseology based on MCA 100-16;

●  Knowledge of local regulations based on ICA 100-37 and ICA 100-12;

●  Knowledge of the procedures adopted by the Brazilian Division.

Military Airfields

      Brazilian Air Force


      Brazilian Army


      Brazilian Navy


Anything you need or questions, send an e-mail to br-soc@ivao.aero and br-soac@ivao.aero

The LOA text presented above is the responsibility of IVAO Brazil Division Special Operations Coordinator (SOC) and HQ–SOD can not guarantee it's accuracy. HQ–SOD only evaluates LOAs provided by divisional SOCs against some general common standards set by the SO Regulations.

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