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LIRP Pisa Airport RFE

Italy Division


09 February, 2019    16:00Z



IVAO LIRP Pisa Airport RFE special operations event

The purpose of this event is to simulate a real day of operations at this particular airport that accommodates both civilian and military traffic.

Pisa San Giusto is the most popular airport of Tuscany and the 10th most busiest airport in Italy. It hosts the 46th airlift brigade with C130J and C27J aircrafts plus 2 groups of “Police Service” Helicopters (Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza).

SpecialOps Pilots that want to participate need to consider of planning on...



Italy Division


05 May, 2019    18:00Z



IVAO vJOINTSTAR 2019 special operations event

Welcome to vJOINT STARS 2019!

Our main goal for VJOINT STARS 2019 exercise is to reproduce a complex scenario in order to work in conjuction with other Nations. During the exercice pilots will be able to choose their mission profile with a wide choice depending on their role. The main ops will be performed with Air Interdiction and SEAD missions for strike packages, Combat Air Patrol for fighters, Air to Air Refueling for tanker assets and Search and Rescue for Helicopters. All pilots ...


You may check archive data for SO events organised before 01 December 2018.

Virtual Fighter School Italian Air Force Virtual




IVAO Virtual Fighter School Italian Air Force Virtual special operations group

Our school is based on Italian Air Force syllabus.You will fly from 70th wing with Italian SF-260 till your operational squadron challenging yourself to obtain all qualifications of a military pilot. Our main operational squadrons are 155th Squadron of 6th Wing equipped with Tornado and IXth Squadron of 4th Wing equipped with Eurofighter, both are supported by their Operational Conversion Units respectively 102nd Squadron of 6th Wing and XXth Squadron of 4th Wing. All operations are also backed by our Common squadron with C130J KC767 and many others

Divisional Special Operations Letter of Agreement (LOA)

LOA EFFECTIVE DATE 05 December, 2018

Please be advised that the SO Regulations applies to SO flights conducted in IVAO Italy Division and the LOA presented below serves as a division–specific extension to it.

Disclaimer: this page is a brief summary of the italian OAT and ATC peculiarities. In addition you can find Divisional’s restrictions that foreign aircrews HAVE to comply with before attempting flying OAT or deploying military aiplanes over the Italian territory for training purposes. Do not use it as main source, users are NOT EXEMPTED from reading the complete library of docs and regulations available on the italian website https://ivao.it/special-operation/regulations-and-charts/ .
In case of misunderstandings between italian and IVAO SO HQ Regulation always follow the IVAO SO HQ Main Directives.

Operational Air Traffic
- Operational Air Traffic (OAT) are flights that, for military, technical or State reasons do not comply with the provision stated for GAT and for which rules and procedures have been specified by appropriate Authority.
- OAT has, usually, priority in the use of airspace on other air traffic tipologies with the exception of emergency , Security (SAT), Search and Rescue (SAR) air traffic and traffic manoeuvring for landing or take-off.
- OAT flights are normally conducted outside ATS routes and airspace reserved to the GAT. These flights are controlled by the appropriate military ATS units or air Defence radar units in compliance with the rules and the procedures established by IT-SOD.

OAT Special flights

- SAT (Security Air Traffic): flights operating for air defence purposes;
- BOAT: OAT flights operating at low level altitude according to operational visual flight rules; Low level flight will normally be operated between 500ft and 2000ft AGL included except where otherwise specified
- BAT (Buster Air Traffic): urgency flights operated by State aircraft employed in a specific duty of public order/safety and civilian protection.

FLIGHT RESTRICTIONS for foreign aircrews

- OAT activity by foreign aircraft to/from Italy and other nations is not
approved unless specific agreements between the States concerned are in force.
- OAT activity overhead Italian territory by foreign aircrews shall be coordinated
in advance and approved by Italian SOD.
- Military GAT transits overhead Italian territory by foreign aircrews DO NOT NEED prior approval by Italian SOD.
- Deployment of military aircrafts on the italian airbases are allowed only prior approval by IT-SOD. Then a PPR and DIPLO CLEARANCE will be issued to Aircrews or SOG leader.

Speed Restrictions

Military Airplanes (GAT/OAT) have no speed restrictions within Subsonic range.

Supersonic Flights

Supersonic flights are not allowed unless permitted by IT-SOD during special events.
In case of permission follow the rules described here https://ivao.it/special-operation/volo-supersonico/

Controlled Airspace

When flying within ATZ and CTR contact the appropriate LIxx_TWR and LIxx_APP service.
When flying GAT act like a normal civilian flight and contact the appropriate LIxx_xx_CTR
When flying OAT contact the appropriate LIxx_MIL_CTR which will provide ATC service in coordination with civilian sectors in order to deconflict GAT and OAT.
If not online, the service to OAT flights is provided by civilian ATCs in the same way (be advised, not all the ATCs are perfectly “SO oriented” so be patient if you find the “wrong one”).

Be advised: service provided by LIxx_MIL_CTR is ATC only. Air Defence tactical controller will be available on different channels. Detailed instructions about it will be given before any Exercise via a specific Briefing.

Uncontrolled Airspace

When flying on uncontrolled airspace contact the appropriate LIxx_VFR_FSS. if not online contact the appropriate LIxx_xx_CTR. it will cover both controlled and uncontrolled airspace.

Flight Plans
for FPL instructions follow ENR 1.10 on vmilaip ([https://ivao.it/special-operation/regulations-and-charts/](https://ivao.it/special-operation/regulations-and-charts/. do not forget to insert the DIPLO CLEARANCE number and eventually PPR number (if you plan to deploy your aircrafts) by using Remaks (e.g: RMK/MDCN IT001 RMK/PPR 12345)

Cruising Levels

Magnetic Track

- From 090° to 269° (SouthBound)-> ODD
- From 270° to 089° (Nothbound) -> EVEN

Gear and canopy checks

After major issues and incidents in the past the Air Force Autorithy decided to add an extra check for both pilots and ATCs.
- before landing: a pilot shall declare on base turn or when on final that its landing gear is down and locked by the expression: «checks completed» or «gear down and locked».
- before entering the runway for take off: a pilot shall declare that its canopy is locked by the expression: «canopy locked»

In case of Special training such as A/A and A/G Ranges, IT-SOD will send you all the details, info, inflight guide and all you need for your activity.
The main Airbase for those activity is LIED Decimomannu. you can find LIED SOP here https://ivao.it/special-operation/regulations-and-charts/

FIR Description

italian airspace has 3 FIRs.
- LIMM Milano FIR (covered by 2 ACCs: LIMM Milano and LIPP Padova)
- LIRR Roma FIR (covered by 1 ACC)
- LIBB Brindisi FIR (covered by 1 ACC)

Be advised: do not get confused by the unit called LIBB_APP. it is not an ACC sector. it is actually “Apulia Approach” that control the Apulia Control Zone for the airports of LIBD (Bari) and LIBR (Brindisi), both of them are civilian.

ATC managment

Italian airspace management is based on FUA (Flexible use of Airspace) and penetrations of active areas (D,R,TSA,TRA,NATO ZONES, OAT and AAR CORRIDORS, APR zone and corridors atc) are not permitted unless an atc clearance has been issued.
Pilots that want to engage an area/zone with no atc online SHALL inform other crews on UNICOM channel providing detailed information of zone activation (e.g: EAGLE01 will engage LI-D 602 sector A only block FL120/FL180 FM 1800 to 1830. all the traffic on Y159 and M126 pay attention)

Airport Charts of military aerodromes can be found here https://ivao.it/special-operation/regulations-and-charts/

Link to all the D,R,TSA,TRA,NATO ZONES, OAT and AAR CORRIDORS, APR zone and corridors is available on the official italian AIP here https://www.enav.it/enavWebPortalStatic/AIP/AIP/enr/enr5/ENR5.htm (free registration required)

SRA/PAR approaches are available on the following airports:

If you want to fly a SRA/PAR approaches for training during your deployment you have to ask well in advance to IT-SOD in order to better organize and set up all the software needed (vPAR, HAMACHI, config files etc). Georeferenced afcads can be found here https://ivao.it/special-operation/downloads-configs/

Military Airports CLOSED to civilian traffic

- LIPA Aviano
- LIMN Cameri
- LIDK Casarsa (IT ARMY Grass Airfield)
- LIPC Cervia
- LIPL Ghedi
- LIRS Grosseto
- LIMS Piacenza (Actually CLOSED but procedures are still in force)
- LIPS Istrana
- LIPI Rivolto
- LIBA Amendola
- LIED Decimomannu
- LIRH Frosinone (ITAF Grass Airfield)
- LIBV Gioia del colle
- LIBN Lecce Galatina
- LIRE Pratica di mare
- LICZ Sigonella

Military Airports OPEN to civilian traffic

- LIRP Pisa
- LIQW Sarzana (only for local Airclub necessity)
- LIRL Latina (only for local Airclub necessity)
- LIBG Taranto Grottaglie
- LICT Trapani Birgi

Civilian Airport with published TACAN Procedures

- LIMF Torino

The LOA text presented above is the responsibility of IVAO Italy Division Special Operations Coordinator (SOC) and HQ–SOD can not guarantee it's accuracy. HQ–SOD only evaluates LOAs provided by divisional SOCs against some general common standards set by the SO Regulations.

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