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Divisional Special Operations Letter of Agreement (LOA)

LOA EFFECTIVE DATE 02 December, 2018

Please be advised that the SO Regulations applies to SO flights conducted in IVAO Sudan Division and the LOA presented below serves as a division–specific extension to it.

Special Operations Callsigns

We suggest all pilots to fly using the sudan Air Force callsign.i.e. SUDAFnnn (nnn stands for fligh number). However, If you are flying a plane from a foreigner country you may use the callsigns of thier country.

Traffic separation

● Both military and civil operating aircrafts must be separated 2000ft or more on a vertical way, from each one.

● Both military and civil operating aircrafts must be separated 5 or more nautical miles from each.

● The separation to be applied between two military operating aircrafts not flying within a formation must be equal or greater than the one applied to two civil aircrafts, following ICAO or local standards.

● Aircrafts being part of a formation assume their own separation between them inside the formation.
Speed restrictions

All aircrafts flying inside the Sudan airspace should comply with ICAO regulations and/or local regulations, which are the following:
● Speed 250 knots or less from FL100 to the ground level.

● Subsonic speed when flying above FL100, being always below mach 0.85.

● Supersonic speed only above FL400 except when advised by ATC.

● In any circumstance the ATC may modify these restrictions for traffic management, separation or adjustment.
Special operations training areas

All Sudanese airports can be used as military airbases but main airbase is wadi airbase (HS6X).
Charts of all military as well civil airports are available at Sudan division Website http://su.ivao.aero/?page=charts.

Military ATC positions

The A.T.C positions are the same positions of IVAO and division requirements

The LOA text presented above is the responsibility of IVAO Sudan Division Special Operations Coordinator (SOC) and HQ–SOD can not guarantee it's accuracy. HQ–SOD only evaluates LOAs provided by divisional SOCs against some general common standards set by the SO Regulations.

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