IVAO Special Operations Department launches a dedicated website

01 December, 2018

On this 20’th anniversary of the IVAO network, the Special Operations Department is pleased to present its own dedicated web platform comprising Public Website and Internal Portal. After almost a year of development, HQ–SOD is now able to deliver all SO–related information to the community in one single place (Public Website) and interact with SO members via the Internal Portal.

Public website is primarily intended to present members of the network with introductory information about Special Operations on IVAO, as well as about the HQ SO Department itself, it also lists upcoming SO events (with a dedicated profile page for each), displays official IVAO–designated SOGs, provides information on regional SO communities (each division and division–less country has a separate profile page) as well as other information.

Internal Portal is the central interface for IVAO members to interact with HQ–SOD on all SO matters. Regular IVAO members can register and manage their SOGs, file and manage SO events on behalf of their SOGs, register their intent to participate in SO events (as well as to cancel registrations, view own participation records, etc. Divisional staff members can file and manage SO LOAs for their divisions, manage SOGs registered in their divisions, file and manage SO events.

The upcoming SO Training Project will be based on this web platform too. A number of additional features will be added to the Internal Portal in due course.

Ready for a challenge? The SO challenge.


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