HQ-SOD air race/competition events working group

17 August, 2019

HQ Special Operations department is looking to develop and continually run a set of air race/competition events that will be organized few times each year, every year. The aim is to develop challenging Special Operations competition venue (or several different venues) that will become IVAO SO tradition and highly sought events.

The project is in its early brainstorming stage; there are multiple options of what these competitions could be, how they could be organized and executed, how rules could be defined, what are possible solutions for technical obstacles, and so on.

Our department would like to involve community in this process as there are surely a lot of talented people who are passionate about aviation sport and air competitions, which falls under the domain of Special Operations on IVAO.

Are you someone who organized such venues with friends, you passionate about Red Bull Air Race, you are good graphic designer, you have unconventional ideas on how to put together such competitions, or may be you are good at developing sceneries for flight simulators? Whatever your skills are, let us know! HQ Special Operations department is gathering a working group of IVAO members for this project (working group is open for all IVAO members, regardless of division of registration, staff/non-staff)

Please contact us via the contacts page on the website.

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