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Consists of United Kingdom, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, and Jersey

Divisional Special Operations Department is not established

No SO events are planned. You may check events in other countries.

No SO events have been organised. You may check archive data for SO events organised before 01 December 2018.

Divisional Special Operations Letter of Agreement (LOA)

LOA EFFECTIVE DATE 10 January, 2015

This LOA is outdated and may contain incorrect information. It is displayed for reference only. Updated LOA will be published on this page once divisional SOD is established again and LOA is reviewed. If needed, please contact United Kingdom and Ireland MCD Division (XU) HQ and HQ–SOD for enquiries. Contact details are on the right.

The SO Regulations applies to SO flights in this country.


All pilots should contact the relevant ATC during a flight, whether that be Military or civil. Civil ATC Does not have to provide full service to SO traffic but they are expected to be accommodating to all Military aircraft. The same applies for a pilot under civil control and should expect at times to be treat as a normal traffic (for example arriving at civil airport). EGQQ and EGVV relieve EGPX and EGTT respectively, of military aircraft when online and then works with EGPX/TT to provide service to both mil and civil traffic.


Delivery— AS1
Ground— AS1
Tower— AS1
Approach— AS3
Scottish Military EGQQ— ADC
Swanwick Military EGVV— ADC
Full list of UK FRA’s here


EGVN Tower— AS3

Speed restrictions

All aircraft in UK should not exceeded 250Knts below FL100 and 450knts above FL100. Military aircraft are exempt from this and they are limited to 350knts below FL100 and below Mach 1.0 above FL100 or a speed restriction give form ATC. Military aircraft operating inside airspace with heavy amount of civil traffic are expected to follow the ruling for civil aircraft.

Supersonic flight

Supersonic flight is not allowed within 50nm of land unless with permission from ATC.

Low flying

Low flying means fixed-wing aircraft at less than 2000 feet from the ground or light propeller driven aircraft and helicopters below 500 feet from the ground. Low flying is permitted in most areas of UK, which is divided in to designated areas. Low flying isn’t usually allowed in areas around airports, or towns and cities with populations of more than 10,000. Fixed wing aircraft cannot go lower than 250ft and faster than 450knts except from in designated areas.

Prohibited/Danger/restricted areas

Prohibited, Danger and restricted areas can be found on free software that supply’s VFR or IFR maps of UK. Prohibited areas are airspace closed to all traffic, Restricted areas are where there are restrictions on flights within it. Danger areas are not open till opened by NOTAMS found here. Request can be made to open a danger area for training in advance. Unauthorised entry in to the danger areas is prohibited.

Military airfields

UAS=University Air Squadron

EGYM / Marham (RAF)


EGXC / Coningsby (RAF) (Fighter)
EGXW / Waddington (RAF)


EGYD / Cranwell (RAF) (Training)
EGAA / Aldergrove (ARMY) (shared with Belfast International Airport) (Recognisance/ Recognisance Helicopter)
EGYE / Barkston Heath (RAF)

(Air cadets)

EGUB / Benson (RAF)

(Transport Helicopters/ Air cadets)

EGDM / Boscombe Down (MOD) (UAS / Military aircraft testing)
EGVN / Brize Norton (RAF)

(Air Transport, Air-to-Air refuelling and Military Parachuting)

EGWC / Cosford (MOD)

(Air Cadets)

EGXD / Dishforth (ARMY)

(Helicopter transport)

EGXE / Leeming (RAF) (Aggressors, UAS)
EGQL / Leuchars (RAF) (UAS)
EGXU / Linton on Ouse(RAF)

(Training, Air cadets)

EGQS / Lossiemouth (RAF)


EGVP / Middle Wallop (ARMY) (Helicopter Training)
EGWU / Northolt (RAF) (Transport, Recognisance)
EGVO / Odiham (RAF) Lynx AH.7 (Helicopter Training, Air cadets)
EGXP / Scampton (RAF)

(Red Arrows)

EGOS / Shawbury (RAF)


EGDX / St Athan (MOD) (Air Cadets, UAS)
EGXZ / Topcliff (RAF)(Air Cadets)
EGOV / Valley (RAF) (Training, Search and Rescue)
EGXT / Wattisham (ARMY) (Attack Helicopters)
EGXT / Wittering (RAF)


EGDY / Yeovilton (RN)

(RNHF, Helicopter Training/ Transport)

EGDR / Culdrose (RN) (Training, Aggressors, Search and rescue, Multi role Helicopters)
EGOE / Ternhill (RAF)

(Air Cadets)

EGUY / Wyton (RAF)

(UAS, Air Cadets)

EGOW / Woodvale (RAF)

(Air Cadets, UAS)

EGUO / Colerne (RAF) (UAS, Air Cadets)
EGXV / Leconfield (RAF)

(Search and Rescue)

EGOQ / Mona (RAF) No active Aircraft
EGDI / Merryfield (RN) No active Aircraft
EGDO / RNAS Predannack (RN)

(Air Cadets)

EGDC / RMB Chivenor (RN) (Search and Rescue, Air Cadets)
EGQK / Kinloss (RAF)

(Air Cadets)

United States Air Force Host Stations

EGUL /Lakenheath (RAF)

(Fighter, Combat Search and Rescue)

EGUN / Mildenhall (RAF) (Tanker, Transport, Recognisance)
EGVA / Fairford (RAF)

(Bomber, Transport, Recognisance)


LXGB / Gibraltar (RAF)
LCRA / Akrotiri (RAF)

(Search and Rescue, Training)

EGYP / Mount Pleasant (RAF)

(Fighter, Tanker, Search and Rescue, Transport)

FHAW / Ascension Island (RAF)


EGD-207 / Holbeach (RAF) Air Weapons Range

EGOM / Spadeadam (RAF) Electronic Warfare Tactics Range

EGQA /Tain (RAF) Air Weapons Range

EGXX / Donna Nook (RAF) Air Bombing Range

Ireland's airfields

EIME / Casement (Baldonnel) Aerodrome (Defence Forces of Ireland “Air Corps” HQ)

The LOA text presented above is the responsibility of IVAO United Kingdom and Ireland MCD Division Special Operations Coordinator (SOC) and HQ–SOD can not guarantee it's accuracy. HQ–SOD only evaluates LOAs provided by divisional SOCs against some general common standards set by the SO Regulations.

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