International SO Events

International Special Operations Events is a major part of what HQ–SOD offers to the IVAO community. Even though most of SO activity is taking place every day network–wide without prior coordination, SO Events are the special occasions when IVAO SO enthusiasts gather together for the purpose of performing coordinated missions. On average 2 international SO events take place every month.

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SK Exercise

Slovakia Division


03 March, 2020, Tuesday    18:00Z

Paradrop, CAP


IVAO SK Exercise special operations event

On behalf of Slovak division, we kindly invite you to our special operations event called SK Exercise. You can choose from two tasks in this mission:

1. Paradrop
2. Combat Air Patrol

Paradrop pilots will take off from Malacky (LZMC) and will proceed with troops to drop zone located near Sliac. Combat Air Patrol takes off from Sliac (LZSL) and will give support to the operation. On the patrol route, there is a possibility to change task to escort transport planes back to th...


Baliem Evacuation

Indonesia Division


22 March, 2020, Sunday    12:00Z

evacuate, humanitarian


IVAO Baliem Evacuation special operations event

IVAO Indonesia Special Operations is hosting
a humanitarian mission this years as part of our program in 2020. Its mission will deliver basic needs such as food, medicines, doctors, volunteers, and necessary evacuations from Wamena to Jayapura.

This mission is centered at Sentani Airport, Jayapura (WAJJ) and Wamena Airport (WAVV). Silas Papare AFB (Sentani, WAJJ) has reported there are 13.000 citizens who would like to leave Wamena as the result of local civil unrest. The evacuatio...



Italy Division


23 February, 2020    15:30Z



IVAO GRYPHON 2020 special operations event

Welcome to the GRYPHON2020 SAR Exercise!
The scope of this event is to perform a “joint” training with various helicopter and airplane assets with the aim of reaching a good level of performance between different “SAR agencies” and hopefully having fun doint it!

You can choose between 3 type of missions:

-Personnel evacuation;

-Logistic Transport (Helicopter);

-Logistic Transport (Cargo).


1530z B...


Avila Airbridge

Venezuela Division


26 January, 2020    19:00Z



IVAO Avila Airbridge special operations event

Sunday 26th January 2020
19:00 - 22:00 UTC

This exercise is an airlift operation to establish an airbridge to delivery personnel. Tactical approaches and departures will be necessary in an airfield with surrounding rough terrain and sometimes challenging weather.

You must perform steep approaches, STOL, MITO and if you have, RATO takeoffs.

The event will start at Josefa Camejo Airport (SVJC) and participants must establish an airbridge to Gen...


Jogja Fly In

Indonesia Division


22 December, 2019    12:00Z

Fly In


IVAO Jogja Fly In special operations event

The surrounding area of airbase Adisucipto (WAHH), know as Jogja is suitable for military aviation training. Air Force to-be pilots are trained here to deal with both mountainous terrain and the sea. The airport also doubles as a civilian enclave airport, meaning domestic and international flights also use the airport on a day-to-day basis, sharing the airspace with military aeroplanes.

After considerations, Adisucipto (WAHH) has been selected for a fly-in IVAO event to
commemorate ...


Operation Development

Sky Guard Indonesia SOG


16 December, 2019    13:00Z

Military Airbridge


IVAO Operation Development special operations event

Sky Guard Indonesia is a group which operate in the Special Operations Wolrd. On December 16 2016, SGI was officially accepted as a member of Special Operations Group headed by the ID - SOD. This will be the third year of Sky Guard Indonesia operating as an arm of IVAO Indonesia, especially concerning the area of Special Operations. The Sky Guard Indonesia is still young, indeed, but the developments we have seen within Sky Guard Indonesia during the three years are a sign that Sky Guard Indone...


Operation Crowded Skies XV



07 December, 2019    18:00Z

Crowded Skies


IVAO Operation Crowded Skies XV special operations event

HQ Special Operations Department invites IVAO SO community to the annual Operation Crowded Skies event, a part of network–wide Crowded Skies event, on the 7’th of December 2019, Saturday, starting from 18:00 UTC.

This year Operation Crowded Skies SO event will take place in Germany, overhead Ramstein military airbase. Ramstein is located in the western part of Germany, this area is known to be the busiest airspace during peak time of annual IVAO Crowded Skies events. There...


Qualification Exercise

Portugal Division


23 November, 2019    15:00Z



IVAO Qualification Exercise special operations event

IVAO Portugal welcomes you to it's latest Special Operations Event celebrating the re-formation of the Portuguese Special Operation Department. Qualification Exercise aim to bring the community together and demonstrate the activity of the country's Air Force on a daily basis in order to keep the skies safe.

You will be able to partake in; Medical Evacuation (MEDIVAC), Search and Rescue (SAR), Transport the President (VIP), Air to Air Refuelling (AAR), Formation Flying or Inter...


Operation Calipo

Spain Division


16 November, 2019    11:00Z

Transport, Airlift


IVAO Operation Calipo special operations event

IVAO Spain welcomes you to it's latest event, Operation Calipo.

Spain is preparing in-house mission to improve coordination between the Spanish Air Force and the Spanish Army by creating a Forward Operation Base (FOB). Our senior staff want to see how good the coordination between those performing air transport with planes/ helicopters (Air Force) and those transporting the material by trucks/ helicopters (Army).

Our mission is transport all the needed material and drop it...


Garuda Border Shield

Sky Guard Indonesia SOG


10 November, 2019    12:30Z

QRA, Air Tactics


IVAO Garuda Border Shield special operations event

Sky Guard Indonesia SOG is organising an integrated military exercise activity as an effort to increase the capability of its members as well as the members of IVAO Special Operations globally. This will be the first time Sky Guard Indonesia SOG inviting all members of IVAO to participate in a joint exercise titled Garuda Border Shield Exercise.

The event involves interception, escort, and air strikes of designated targets. Air strikes are executed after interceptions are successful, an...


Operation Hurricane

Russian Federation and Kazakhstan Division


09 November, 2019    12:00Z

Air to Ground, Paratrooper Drop


IVAO Operation Hurricane special operations event

The Special Operations Department of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan Division invites members to its fourth International Special Operations Event, Operation Hurricane, on the 9th November 2019 from 12:00 until 14:00 UTC.

The XR Special Operations Command Centre has not received a scheduled update report from one of its military aerodromes located in the UAR24 restricted area and have tried to establish communications with it, but sadly there is no response. Images from ground and...


Tucano Farwell

United Kingdom and Ireland MCD Division

United Kingdom

02 November, 2019    15:00Z



IVAO Tucano Farwell special operations event

This year sees the Royal Air Force retire their Shorts Tucano T1, from service. The Shorts Tucano entered service in June 1988 and was used to provide basic fast jet training for Royal Air force and Royal Navy pilots, teaching them the fundamental skills they will require to become fighter pilots. The current home of the Shorts Tucano is North Yorkshire at RAF Linton-on-Ouse with 72 (R) squadron. However, with the introduction of the United Kingdoms, Military Flying Training System, the Tucano T...


RAF Marham Fly In

United Kingdom and Ireland MCD Division

United Kingdom

27 October, 2019    16:00Z

Fly In


IVAO RAF Marham Fly In special operations event

This year RAF Marham (EGYM) enters a new chapter in it’s history, saying
goodbye to the Panavia Tornado after 40 years of service and welcoming the
new Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II. As the second Lightning II Squadron is
stood up the station is a hive of activity with aircraft movements on both training
and operational sorties.

The airfield is around 10nm from the coast in the South East of the United
Kingdom. It’s close proximity to both military t...



Ala 23 Virtual SOG


12 October, 2019    09:00Z

Low, Elevation, Flight, Navigation, Formation


IVAO NATIONAL DAY OF SPAIN special operations event

The Virtual Wing 23 together with IVAO organized a very special event in which we will make a flight to Madrid, capital of SPAIN, where we will make a low-level flight along the Paseo de la Castellana to commemorate the national day.
As every year, Wing 23 attends the events to celebrate National Day in Madrid, where a military parade is held along the Paseo de la Castellana.
We will make a navigation flight departing from Badajoz towards Toledo where the controllers will indicate the pl...


Indonesian Armed Forces Anniversary Aerial Display

Indonesia Division


05 October, 2019    12:00Z

Airshow, Aerial Display


IVAO Indonesian Armed Forces Anniversary Aerial Display special operations event

The National Armed Forces of Indonesia (TNI) was born during the struggle of Indonesia to defend its own independence. TNI is divided into three main aspects, air, sea, and land, most of which have been greatly improved with their own aerial supports performing different roles for each of the forces.

The formation of TNI can be traced back to the times of national revolution—the formation of People’s Security Forces (TKR), on October 5, 1945—two months after the nation...


EBFN Airshow

BELUX Region Division


28 September, 2019    12:00Z

Flying Display


IVAO EBFN Airshow special operations event

BELUX Region Division is excited to invite you to the annual Koksijde (ICAO EBFN) airshow. The theme of this year's airshow is the remembrance of 75 years since D-Day.

You can bring all types of planes as long as they are approved for aerobatic manoeuvres, from C-152 Aerobat to DC-3 or even Spitfire.

The airshow constitutes performance of aerobatics for our guests on the ground.

Similarly to the last year's event you can expect a Twitch live stream with comme...


Operation PROTEAS

Greece Division


21 September, 2019    15:00Z

Fire fighter


IVAO Operation PROTEAS special operations event


Summer is coming to a close but the danger of wildfires in the area still exist. In the area of Michio Hill, fires are still in progress. All Fire Brigades are invited to take part in putting out these fires. All units must approach the site and perform their assigned task in accordance with the briefing document. All aircraft, at the end of their task, will land at Andravida Airport (LGAD) for debriefing.

Participating Units
1. Fire fighting aircraf...


Operation Foxtrot

Indonesia Division


14 September, 2019    12:00Z

Firefighting, Medical Evacuation


IVAO Operation Foxtrot special operations event

Every year fire spots appear throughout Indonesia as a result of land being burnt to open up new area for agriculture and settlements. These fires are usually illegal and reckless, causing widespread, uncontrollable fire over large area of land. Fire and the smoke create negative impact to nearby cities and communities as they choke people and result in health issues. Pekanbaru is one of these impacted cities, with the government sending leased tanker aircraft (both rotary and fixed-wing) annual...


Brazilian Independence Day

Brazil Division


07 September, 2019    22:00Z

Low passes


IVAO Brazilian Independence Day special operations event

Brazil was founded in 1500 by Pedro Alvares Cabral and became a region that once belonged to Portugal Imperium. The Independence Day of Brazil has been celebrated on 7th September since 1822, when the Brazil became independent to Portugal, with Dom Pedro I as the first King of Brazil. Every city in Brazil celebrate with a military parade where soldiers of Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and Fire Service parade on the Main Streets and Avenues. Each year the Brazilian Air Force make low passes over ...


Operation Tic tac toe

Russian Federation and Kazakhstan Division


24 August, 2019    12:00Z



IVAO Operation Tic tac toe special operations event

XR Special Operations Department kindly invites everyone to the third international Special Operations Event CAT-A operation Tic Tac Toe that will take place on the 24th of August from 12:00 to 15:00 UTC.

Participants will perform visual search for objects in specific locations; search locations as well as actual search objects are marked in a special way to aid searching. Each participant has to identify each object to complete this event. Detailed information is provided in the Event...


Argos Operation

Argentina Division


18 August, 2019    18:00Z



IVAO Argos Operation special operations event

This mission has been developed as a continuation of last years' set of SO events organised by Argentina Division, you may find more information about them on our forum: /


GAIA Galicia and Atlantic Ocean

Spain Division


15 August, 2019    15:00Z



IVAO GAIA Galicia and Atlantic Ocean special operations event

IVAO Spain Division is excited to bring you another Special Operations event, this is a Search and Rescue (SAR) mission, the legend is that two ships have collided about 30 miles from the coast. The two closest airports are LEST and LEVX. At LEVX, two fixed-wing and turbohelice aircraft are available for searching ships, as well as, if necessary, deploying rescue rafts. Likewise, a significant number of helicopters are available for rescue of passengers and crew of both ships.

Please be...


Virtual Adriatic Strike 2019

Slovenia Division


11 June, 2019    17:00Z

air to ground, transport, air supply


IVAO Virtual Adriatic Strike 2019 special operations event

Slovenian Division would like to welcome you to the first ever Slovenian Division Special Operations event. The event name is "Virtual Adriatic Strike 2019" and it runs parallel to the real "Adriatic Strike 2019". The real Adriatic Strike is a military training on Slovenian ground for all ground units and for military pilots and controllers. Pilots and controllers from different countries come to Slovenia on military training to train together. The controllers' jobs is t...


Desert Fox

Argentina Division


18 May, 2019    18:00Z



IVAO Desert Fox special operations event

This is another event by Argentina IVAO division, the aim is to improve teamwork, communications and use of brevity words. There are several missions available for pilots to choose from.

Following a fictitious conflict between fictitious countries, we will be simulating a BLUE-GREEN-YELLOW coalition against RED party.

The main goal is to neutralise RED airbase facilities, however, as there is no information on the exact location of this airbase, reconnaissance planes will go fi...



Italy Division


05 May, 2019    18:00Z



IVAO vJOINTSTAR 2019 special operations event

Welcome to vJOINT STARS 2019!

Our main goal for VJOINT STARS 2019 exercise is to reproduce a complex scenario in order to work in conjuction with other Nations. During the exercice pilots will be able to choose their mission profile with a wide choice depending on their role. The main ops will be performed with Air Interdiction and SEAD missions for strike packages, Combat Air Patrol for fighters, Air to Air Refueling for tanker assets and Search and Rescue for Helicopters. All pilots ...


Holy Light

Greece Division


27 April, 2019    10:30Z



IVAO Holy Light special operations event

Operation “HOLY LIGHT”
Goal: Celebrate special event.
Scenario: VIP flight coming from LLBG on the 27th April 2019 10:30z.
An Embraer EMB-135H HAF on special mission transferring the Holy Light.
Fighter aircrafts take off heading to the operational area to secure and escort VIP flight to Eleftherios Venizelos airport (LGAV).
Engaged Aerial Units:
a) Embraer EMB-135H AEW
b) Fighter aircrafts (f.i F18 F22 F16, F4)
Air Base of operations the aerodrome o...


Lightning Operation

Argentina Division


20 April, 2019    18:00Z



IVAO Lightning Operation special operations event

This mission has been developed as a continuation of last years' set of SO events by Argentina Division, you may find more information about them on our forum: /

Disaster Response

Iran Division


19 April, 2019    11:30Z



IVAO Disaster Response special operations event

IVAO Iran division presents another challenging humanitarian SO event, please find a short description of the plot below, detailed information is provided in the Event Master Plan.

Army Air Corps received an order to provide relief packages and air ambulance service to the city of Sarpol-e Zahab after devastating earthquake. Survivors need basic care packages and wounded need to be air lifted to Imam Reza hospital northwest of Kermanshah airport.

You will be flying supplies an...


Snake Hunt

Indonesia Division


14 April, 2019    12:30Z

Transport, Escort, AAR


IVAO Snake Hunt special operations event

Exercise Snake Hunt is the continuation of a previous military operation simulation organised by Indonesia Division centred on Ranai AFB, Riau Islands, with its operations based at Hang Nadim Airport, Batam. In this operation we simulate the military takeover of an enemy-controlled Ranai AFB through the deployment of paratrooper forces. It is simulated that Ranai AFB has already been controlled by a hostile force and a military takeover must be executed in order to prevent Ranai AFB from ...


Vulcano Operation

Colombia Division


13 April, 2019    18:00Z



IVAO Vulcano Operation special operations event

IVAO Colombia Division Special Operations Department is holding a logistics support mission. The main objective of "Vulcano Operation" mission is to deliver logistics to San Andres Island. IVAO Colombia SpecOps will center this operation at SKBQ Malambo Atlantico CACOM 3. Several large operations will be held in 2019 and thus will require supports from many parties. IVAO Colombia SpecOps invites all divisions to take part in this mission on April 13, operating in and out from SKBQ Mala...


Aerial Firefighting

Iran Division


11 April, 2019    16:30Z



IVAO Aerial Firefighting special operations event

In the early hours of the day Sari firefighting watch received alert about a jungle fire in the southern mountains of Amol. Amol is a city and the administrative center of Amol County, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

Dispatch issued order to deploy teams of aerial firefighting to the situation. Two teams are being sent to contain the fire, team one consists of light firefighting crafts and helicopters stationed in Bishe-Kola airfield, team two are medium and heavy firefighting crafts station...


Military logistics

Iran Division


31 March, 2019    10:30Z



IVAO Military logistics special operations event

Beris is a village in Sand-e Mir Suiyan Rural District, Dashtiari District, Chabahar County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran. According to the 2006 census, its population was 2,356, forming 477 families. The beach at Beris is on the north of Sea of Oman, and is located in the province of Sistan. Near the beach are many boats and some special species of fish.

In an effort by Iranian army to provide medical care and supplies to far reached and poor parts of country a mission has bee...


Emergency Evacuation

Iran Division


24 March, 2019    10:30Z



IVAO Emergency Evacuation special operations event

The South Pars/North Dome field is a natural-gas condensate field located in the Persian Gulf. It is by far the world's largest natural gas field, with ownership of the field shared between Iran and Qatar. Biggest danger in these kinds of facilities is fire, therefore there are strict protocols in effect to prevent dangerous situations and to insure crew safety. If all efforts fail to contain the situation a mandatory evacuation plan will commence and a distress signal will be sent to emerg...


Torrejon AFB two hours

Spain Division


16 March, 2019    15:00Z



IVAO Torrejon AFB two hours special operations event

Hello Special Operations users

For two hours we will simulate some of the real operations that the Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base can have. We will have an additional incentive of a civil event held in nearby Barajas airport -- a challenge for pilots and ATC.

We have prepared some missions that we hope you will enjoy.

We have prepared escort missions of VIP planes, AAR refueling missions, transport missions, both reactors and turbohelices, as well as a police missio...


LIRP Pisa Airport RFE

Italy Division


09 February, 2019    16:00Z



IVAO LIRP Pisa Airport RFE special operations event

The purpose of this event is to simulate a real day of operations at this particular airport that accommodates both civilian and military traffic.

Pisa San Giusto is the most popular airport of Tuscany and the 10th most busiest airport in Italy. It hosts the 46th airlift brigade with C130J and C27J aircrafts plus 2 groups of “Police Service” Helicopters (Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza).

SpecialOps Pilots that want to participate need to consider of planning on...


Operation Bearer

Indonesia Division


27 January, 2019    12:30Z

Transport, Delivery


IVAO Operation Bearer special operations event

"Operation Bearer" is Indonesia Division first event of the year 2019. This year we are going to use a concept of mutually connected events (with common plot, story line, etc. We will roll out massive exercises in the near future required for the mobilization of a large army. For that we simulate the mobilization in the mission entitled "Logistic Transport". In this mission we deploy the entire fleet of transports to move logistics and troops that were assembled in Jakarta an...


Refueling Initiation Exercise

Ala 23 Virtual SOG


26 January, 2019    17:00Z



IVAO Refueling Initiation Exercise special operations event

The Ala 23 Virtual SOG together with the Virtual Air Defense initiate the training course (in a form of SO events) with first mission in which we will do a refuelling exercise. Our events will take place within the airspace of Spain.

Fighter & transport pilots as well as controllers for Talavera Air Base (LEBZ) are welcomed.

This particular exercise consists of actual refuelling procedures, escort flying, visual and instrument approaches.

The mission will begin a...


Operation Crowded Skies 2018


Republic of the Congo, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Uganda

01 December, 2018    18:00Z

Humanitarian aid


IVAO Operation Crowded Skies 2018 special operations event

Our ambition is to offer SO-specific missions at Crowded Skies every year. This year's Crowded Skies Event has the very special motto "20 years anniversary" and Special Operations have always been a part of IVAO in the last 20 years. In the future the importance of SO will increase even more.

This year, we want to focus on a very important non-military mission type. We are talking about “Humanitarian aid”. The missions this year take place in Central and East ...


You may check archive data for SO events organised before 01 December 2018.

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