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Special Operations Events is the major part of what HQ–SOD offers to the IVAO community. Even though most of SO activity is taking place every day network-wide without prior coordination, SO Events are the special occasions when IVAO SO enthusiasts gather together for the purpose of performing coordinated missions. On average 2 SO events take place every month.

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Refueling Initiation Exercise

Ala 23 Virtual SOG


26 January, 2019, Saturday    17:00Z



IVAO Refueling Initiation Exercise special operations event

The Ala 23 Virtual SOG together with the Virtual Air Defense initiate the training course (in a form of SO events) with first mission in which we will do a refuelling exercise. Our events will take place within the airspace of Spain.

Fighter & transport pilots as well as controllers for Talavera Air Base (LEBZ) are welcomed.

This particular exercise consists of actual refuelling procedures, escort flying, visual and instrument approaches.

The mission will begin a...


Operation Bearer

Indonesia Division


27 January, 2019, Sunday    12:30Z

Transport, Delivery


IVAO Operation Bearer special operations event

"Operation Bearer" is Indonesia Division first event of the year 2019. This year we are going to use a concept of mutually connected events (with common plot, story line, etc.). We will roll out massive exercises in the near future required for the mobilization of a large army. For that we simulate the mobilization in the mission entitled "Logistic Transport". In this mission we deploy the entire fleet of transports to move logistics and troops that were assembled in Jakarta ...


Operation Crowded Skies 2018


Republic of the Congo, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Uganda

01 December, 2018    18:00Z

Humanitarian aid


IVAO Operation Crowded Skies 2018 special operations event

Our ambition is to offer SO-specific missions at Crowded Skies every year. This year's Crowded Skies Event has the very special motto "20 years anniversary" and Special Operations have always been a part of IVAO in the last 20 years. In the future the importance of SO will increase even more.

This year, we want to focus on a very important non-military mission type. We are talking about “Humanitarian aid”. The missions this year take place in Central and East ...


You may check archive data for SO events organised before 01 December 2018.

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