IVAO Special Operations Department

Special Operations on IVAO are defined as aerial military operations, aerial work, and other aviation flights (activities, operations) that are performed in accordance with rules and procedures other than those that fully comply with ICAO SARPs or other civil rules and procedures. Controlling military units and other units other than civil ATS responsible for aforementioned flights (activities, operations) also fall under the framework of Special Operations.

Examples include military flights operating under military rules, firefighting, police operations, search and rescue operations, aerobatic flights & flying display, construction work, aerial photography, air ambulance, and other types of state, specialised and aerial work (this list is not exhaustive).

SO is an inherent part of IVAO, shaping its landscape and seamlessly integrating into civil air traffic, while at the same time performing specific tasks. Non–civil, special operations, and specialised traffic flights account to about 3% of all network traffic, subject to counting and classification methodology. Once every 11 minutes, statistically, somewhere on the IVAO network such a flight takes off, making it on average 4000 movements per month worldwide.

IVAO users may perform a wide range of special operations, ranging from civil flying displays, aerial work, and humanitarian operations to military combat exercises. HQ–SOD strives to provide a mature and enjoyable environment with extra emphasis on learning. Unlike flight simulators and networks dedicated solely to military aviation, IVAO users experience a much more integrated and fluid environment with civil aviation counterparts and military ATC. IVAO users perform daily SO flights across the network solo, in groups, and when participating in official SO events.

HQ–SOD establishes network–wide regulatory framework of all SO–related matters, provides standards and documented procedures for SO operations, approves and supports the official SO events and tours, maintains a register of IVAO Special Operations Groups (SOGs), and facilitates strong international cooperation and community spirit among SO users.

What is IVAO?

The International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO) is a dedicated, independent, free of charge, service to enthusiasts and individuals enjoying and participating in the flight simulation community worldwide. The International Virtual Aviation Organisation was founded in 1998 as a non–profit organization to supply high quality services to its users on demand. Providing the Flight Simulation community a highly realistic aviation environment, is IVAO's prime objective. This includes, a real–time system for online flying (as pilot) and controlling (as air traffic controller), databases with aviation information, and organizing training and online events.


Divisional Special Operations

At the regional level special operations are represented by divisional SO departments.

Divisional SODs establish divisional SO regulations (referred to as SO Orders), organise SO events, exercises, and promote SO among division users. HQ–SOD oversees divisional SODs to ensure consistency of Special Operations across the network. Network SO regulations apply at all times.

There are 38 divisional SODs across IVAO.