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Refueling Initiation Exercise

Ala 23 Virtual SOG


26 January, 2019    17:00Z



IVAO Refueling Initiation Exercise special operations event

The Ala 23 Virtual SOG together with the Virtual Air Defense initiate the training course (in a form of SO events) with first mission in which we will do a refuelling exercise. Our events will take place within the airspace of Spain.

Fighter & transport pilots as well as controllers for Talavera Air Base (LEBZ) are welcomed.

This particular exercise consists of actual refuelling procedures, escort flying, visual and instrument approaches.

The mission will begin a...


Torrejon AFB two hours

Spain Division


16 March, 2019    15:00Z



IVAO Torrejon AFB two hours special operations event

Hello Special Operations users

For two hours we will simulate some of the real operations that the Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base can have. We will have an additional incentive of a civil event held in nearby Barajas airport -- a challenge for pilots and ATC.

We have prepared some missions that we hope you will enjoy.

We have prepared escort missions of VIP planes, AAR refueling missions, transport missions, both reactors and turbohelices, as well as a police missio...


GAIA Galicia and Atlantic Ocean

Spain Division


15 August, 2019    15:00Z



IVAO GAIA Galicia and Atlantic Ocean special operations event

IVAO Spain Division is excited to bring you another Special Operations event, this is a Search and Rescue (SAR) mission, the legend is that two ships have collided about 30 miles from the coast. The two closest airports are LEST and LEVX. At LEVX, two fixed-wing and turbohelice aircraft are available for searching ships, as well as, if necessary, deploying rescue rafts. Likewise, a significant number of helicopters are available for rescue of passengers and crew of both ships.

Please be...



Ala 23 Virtual SOG


12 October, 2019    09:00Z

Low, Elevation, Flight, Navigation, Formation


IVAO NATIONAL DAY OF SPAIN special operations event

The Virtual Wing 23 together with IVAO organized a very special event in which we will make a flight to Madrid, capital of SPAIN, where we will make a low-level flight along the Paseo de la Castellana to commemorate the national day.
As every year, Wing 23 attends the events to celebrate National Day in Madrid, where a military parade is held along the Paseo de la Castellana.
We will make a navigation flight departing from Badajoz towards Toledo where the controllers will indicate the pl...


Operation Calipo

Spain Division


16 November, 2019    11:00Z

Transport, Airlift


IVAO Operation Calipo special operations event

IVAO Spain welcomes you to it's latest event, Operation Calipo.

Spain is preparing in-house mission to improve coordination between the Spanish Air Force and the Spanish Army by creating a Forward Operation Base (FOB). Our senior staff want to see how good the coordination between those performing air transport with planes/ helicopters (Air Force) and those transporting the material by trucks/ helicopters (Army).

Our mission is transport all the needed material and drop it...


You may check archive data for SO events organised before 01 December 2018.

Ala 23 Virtual




IVAO Ala 23 Virtual special operations group

Ala 23 Virtual is one of the prominent and distinctive units of the Spanish Air Force. We are always dedicated to teaching and training tasks of Spanish fighter pilots, and are based at the Talavera la Real Air Base (Badajoz, LEBZ, Spain). Real-world Badajoz Air Base pilots stand out for their distinctive way of flying, as well as for their human qualities, and they are commonly known as the "Black Paws".


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