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This website has been developed for HTML 5.2 markup language and its technologies; HQ–SOD website fully complies with the official HTML 5.2 specification and passes W3C validation meaning that HTML 5–enabled web browsers should display this website correctly and consistently. Examples of such browsers include the latest desktop versions of Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

HQ–SOD website is primarily aimed at desktop computer users and small mobile devices do limit user experience, however, a number of adaptations have been made on this website specifically for small devices and tablets to deliver comparable user experience.

Browser's settings should not be restrictive and should allow cookies and execution of JavaScript.

While this website is public and provides overview information about Special Operations on IVAO in read–only mode, an HQ–SOD Internal Portal is a separate website that provides an interface for IVAO members to perform various SO–specific actions. The use of HQ–SOD website and HQ–SOD portal is subject to IVAO Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Front and back side development of Public Website and Internal Portal by George Anopov (VID 173473).

HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, Graphics, 3D & Effects, and Semantics


2 March, 2019

Update of HQ–SOD Public Website and Internal Portal, minor fixes and changes

15 December, 2018

Update of HQ–SOD Public Website and Internal Portal, minor fixes and changes

1 December, 2018

Initial release of HQ–SOD Public Website and Internal Portal