Training Project

The brand–new HQ–SOD dedicated website as currently published does not yet contain any references to the HQ SO Training and Exam System (apart from this page here).

The HQ SO Training and Exam System (and all related changes on this website) will only be published in the next step. Only then it will be possible to request official military trainings and exams. It is also at that time that the official HQ SO Training documentation and all other project–related resources will become available.

We kindly ask you for a little patience. The military aviation on IVAO will become structured and transparent. We are very close to the implementation phase (after 2 years of development). Our motivation is still as great as it was at the beginning. Not only because the goal is now finally within reach, but rather because it is a very desirable goal from which the entire network will benefit. A goal in a dimension and with effects and impacts that have never existed before in this form. A real milestone in the history of our network. That is what drives us, what motivates us.

What will change by introduction of the HQ SO Training and Exam System?

●  Fundamentally new SO Regulations (former SO Directive);

IVAO Special Operations Military Training Regulations

●  HQ SO Training documentation (basis for our training) in form of over 30 SOPS ("Special Operations Procedure Standardisation");

IVAO Special Operations Military Training Documentation

●  3 military pilot ranks and 3 military controller ranks (all with dedicated rank badges for the IVAO member profile);

IVAO Special Operations Military Training Badges

●  HQ SO Training Policy;

●  HQ SO Trainings (in form of training modules);

IVAO Special Operations Military Training

●  HQ SO Exam Policy;

●  HQ SO Exams;

●  Officially designated military training area for our trainings and exams (scenery, sectorfile, LOPs, LOAs);

IVAO Special Operations Military Training ATC Sector

●  Web–based permission system for military flights on IVAO;

●  Gradual increase of the quality and the associated reputation of SO Events;

IVAO Special Operations Military Training Events

●  New points system, new awards.

The main goal are worldwide standards regarding military aviation; standardised (transparent and structured) content based on which we train our trainees worldwide. Each military rank stands for quality. Each rank will represent a seal of quality, which confirms that the respective person has theoretically and practically proven that they have learned and applied high calibre standards correctly. In turn this all means that the quality generally (IVAO–wide) increases and things become possible which would have been impossible without such an international IVAO-wide military training and examination system.

IVAO Special Operations flights