Special Operations Groups

SOGs are dedicated hobby organisations whose aim is to perform Special Operations flights, intending to simulate (recreate) operations of real world state operators (including military operators), aerial work operators, specialised operators, etc. (e.g. air forces, squadrons, SAR units, branches of state operators, aerial work operators, etc.), or to establish equivalent fictitious entities, or combinations of both. SOGs offer their members various tools to perform special operations under their flag; they are team–oriented environments, normally facilitating acquirement of new skills with emphasis on training and mastering their areas of expertise. SOGs frequently organise internal exercises & operations and participate in both divisional and international SO events.

HQ–SOD maintains a system of IVAO SOGs and oversees them.

It is not necessary to register a SOG to perform SO flights in a group on IVAO, however, the official SOGs operate under the chapter 7 of the SO Regulations allowing a wide range of operations and freedoms, some of which are not available to individual users performing SO flights on IVAO alone or in unregistered groups.

Ala 23 Virtual




IVAO Ala 23 Virtual special operations group

Ala 23 Virtual is one of the prominent and distinctive units of the Spanish Air Force. We are always dedicated to teaching and training tasks of Spanish fighter pilots, and are based at the Talavera la Real Air Base (Badajoz, LEBZ, Spain). Real-world Badajoz Air Base pilots stand out for their distinctive way of flying, as well as for their human qualities, and they are commonly known as the "Black Paws".

Argentine Virtual Air Force




IVAO Argentine Virtual Air Force special operations group

This is a site dedicated to the virtual flight simulation, based on Flight Simulator© by Microsoft© and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D®, and with emphasis on combat aircraft of Argentina, who throughout history have trained our pilots and served our Nation. We made it clear that it is an entertainment site that recreates, with respect and admiration, most of the activities carried out by the Argentine Air Force; but being a place of recreation not intended to impose obligations on its members beyond entertainment. These activities are conducted in an atmosphere of respect and camaraderie, in which raw friendship and companionship on the range.

Armada Argentina Virtual




IVAO Armada Argentina Virtual special operations group

The Virtual Argentine Navy performs most of the flight operations carried out by real Argentine Navy’s Naval Aviation. Our mission is to bring attack, anti-submarine and exploration capabilities using carrier or land-based airplanes and helicopters, operating from carriers at sea and different coastal bases.

The Naval Aviation School (ESANv) provides basic and advanced instruction and training to the future naval pilots. Pilots have ranks according to their recorded flight hours, missions, and carrier operations. Internal communications include chat groups, web and social networks. Specific Naval Air Operations, Joint and Combined Operations with other Armed Forces, as well as humanitarian missions in case of natural disasters or emergencies are performed regularly. The Armada Argentina Virtual (ARAv) operates mostly the same airplanes as the real Navy does.

Brazilian Navy Virtual




IVAO Brazilian Navy Virtual special operations group

Virtual Brazilian Navy was founded on May 15, 2006, where even the following data flew with old members and with a good intention of showing aviation to new members and aspirants as real aviation; flights are simulated on the Flight Simulator X, Xplane11 and Prepar3D platforms on the IVAO network. We are a group dedicated to similar activities of the Brazilian Navy in the virtual environment provided by the IVAO network. We don't have or keep any kind of relationship with the real Brazilian Navy and the main objective of the activities here is respect for serious and responsible entertainment and fun, but without losing the commitment in the simulator or the flight or the next close to reality, with affinity to Military flight (Air Force); It contains real human and theoretical resources, as well as theoretical and practical material for the development of aspirants to simulate flight in our air club. Patriotism, fervor and pleasure in flying are the best. We are the men of the sea, we are the Virtual Brazlian Navy.

Brazilian Virtual Air Force




IVAO Brazilian Virtual Air Force special operations group

Brazilian Virtual Air Force (FABv) was born in August 2002 to simulate the military operations of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) in the virtual environment and to operationalize this simulated airspace control.

Since then, FABv has been developing and aggregate various types of flight simulators, always focused on military operations. Over the years, more than 300 cadets have graduated from AFAv and to this day compose our active officers.

Brazilian Virtual Army Aviation




IVAO Brazilian Virtual Army Aviation special operations group

The virtual Brazilian army through the Army Aviation Command (CAVEX) aims to simulate the aviation activities of the Brazilian army, in all its activities.
Brazilian Virtual Army Aviation. Founded in 2005, a group created by enthusiasts of military aviation with rotating wings and representing the Brazilian Army, together with other military.
Army aviation is the fastest link on the battlefield.
Always focused on military operations.

EBRAD Spec Ops




IVAO EBRAD Spec Ops special operations group

EBRAD Spec Ops was created in 2009 with the aim of sharing flights and promoting Special Operations on the IVAO. We carry out all types of SO flights, but those that we can highlight are escort flights, SAR, transport (simulating humanitarian aid) and a lot of training with VFR and IFR navigation. Our commitment is to foster camaraderie, a friendly environment where we can all share experiences. Those who wish to join us are welcome and it will be a pleasure to be able to share pleasant moments with you crossing the virtual skies together.

Ejercito del Aire Virtual




IVAO Ejercito del Aire Virtual special operations group

With 20 years of flight simulation experience, the Ejército del Aire Virtual ( EdAv), tries to simulate, in high standards, the real ops, missions, and training of the spanish Ejército del Aire.

Pilots and ATCs joining EdAv can enjoy the complete training system, based on the real one, from elemental flying to operational units, fighters and transports. Some navy missions, with the AV8B Harrier II + are also flown.

FSX, P3D and x-plane are supported. MSFS2020 in development.

Always looking forward to joining other SOG in joint operations, the EdAv continues improving and learning every day.

Fuerza Aerea Espanola Virtual EAV Spanish Air Force EAV




IVAO Fuerza Aerea Espanola Virtual EAV Spanish Air Force EAV special operations group

We are a group of friends, some pilots and others air force enthusiasts, eager to promote such flights and virtual military life. Our main goal here is fun and learning about this field. This SOG simulates the military career of a Spanish military pilot, offering our members the fun of group flying and the possibility to learn to fly militarily under the rules of flight on the IVAO network. We would like in the future to be a reference and constant VA in our division. We have serious and committed people for this project. Another of our purposes is to be able to provide more SO events in the Spanish division and participate in international SO events. Currently we have 702 flight hours always adjusting to the rules of IVAO and we would like them to be many more hours in the future. Our way of operating is almost always in a group, but we also usually fly individually, always respected your trading regulations. We look forward to being part of IVAO international special operations. Best regards

Hellenic Air Force Virtual




IVAO Hellenic Air Force Virtual special operations group

Hellenic Air Force Virtual is the virtual air force that was created to simulate Hellenic Air Force.

Hellenic Air Force Virtual operates exclusively on the IVAO network and this is where all on-line flights take place and this is what our SOG is based around, this includes rules, ratings, trainings, exercises and missions. We perform group and individual flights, operating fighter aircraft types and helicopters.

We offer training programs run by real pilots, aiming to gradually train our members.

Indian Air Force Virtual




IVAO Indian Air Force Virtual special operations group

Indian Air Force Virtual (IAFv) is a Virtual Special Operations Group aiming to simulate real life Indian Air Force with varied operations. Indian Air Force operates a wide variety of aircraft both from Western and Russian origins.
We mostly aim to do Simulated Combat Flying, Search and Rescue also know as Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations, Cargo Operations and many more.
Aircrafts - Miarge 2000, Mig29, Su-30MKI, C17 Globemaster 3, C130J Super Hercules and many more.

Lechuzas Negras




IVAO Lechuzas Negras special operations group

Lechuzas Negras is a medium sized, military oriented flight group. It simulates several Spanish Air Force operations. Lechuzas Negras members are trained based on real procedures for both pilots and ATCs, in order to have the highest quality and realism in the International Virtual Aviation Organization (IVAO).

We complete missions that are based on real scenarios. In Lechuzas Negras you will be involved in air policing, training exercises, formation flying and other tasks. We train several times a month to be ready for any scenario.

Medical Air Service




IVAO Medical Air Service special operations group

We simulate various flight types, especionaly medical and rescue flights - with Helicopters like EC135 and H 145 and medical charter flights with some other types as you may find at our website. We highly appreciate it if you perform MedicalAirService flights at the IVAO online network.
We also help out at SAR (search and rescue) and can also organize medical flights in Cooperation with other medical or non-medical or military/police organisations. We can assist with our equipment in disasters such as forest fires, earthquakes a.s.o.

SEMARV Virtual Mexican Navy




IVAO SEMARV Virtual Mexican Navy special operations group

We are a virtual airline of air simulation and we use the IVAO network for our flights online.
We simulate naval operations of the Real Navy of Mexico using the Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepard 3d or Xplane.

Our simulation covers flying fixed wing aircraft and rotary wing, in different scenarios throughout the Mexican airspace.

The SEMARV born in December 24, 2005, to simulate Mexican naval operations, in order to recreate and simulate using Flight Simulator, naval operations over the coasts and seas of Mexico and into Mexican airspace.

Sky Guard Indonesia




IVAO Sky Guard Indonesia special operations group

Sky Guard Indonesia group was created in 2015 as a virtual military group that simulate Military & Special Operations in Indonesia. We became the only group under the IVAO Indonesia directly under the command of the Indonesia Special Operations Coordinators. Various event coaching skills and special abilities became our priority to build this community, learning together to improve our skills and knowledge.

South African Virtual Air Force

South Africa



IVAO South African Virtual Air Force special operations group

The SAVAF comprises of a vibrant, professional group of Flight Sim pilots (some of them real life pilots) who share a passion for flying “beyond the envelope”. Imagine: one minute you are powering through the sky at Mach 1.5 at forty thousand feet in a SAAF Gripen fighter, and the next you are flying low level through the valleys and mountains at night in an Augusta A109 helicopter to rescue some hapless soul. The next moment would find yourself on approach for what would seem like an impossible landing on an aircraft carrier somewhere in the open seas!

The SAVAF, established in 2007 as a Military SOG operating separately but within the XZ IVAO Division, goes beyond the borders of mere General Aviation or Commercial “A to B” type of flying and ensures its members of many adrenalin filled hours of virtual flight. With more than twenty members, this SOG is very active, regularly taking part in all the XZ IVAO Division hosted events, as well as actively involving itself in International Special Operations events. Furthermore, the SAVAF hosts its very own “Special Ops” on line events every fortnight. It is in these events, which are specifically developed along with appropriate extra scenery, where the pilot who fits in with a military type discipline and who sees him or herself as a professional, will excel and enjoy.


United Arab Emirates



IVAO UNIFORCE Virtual special operations group


I founded with Nihal back in the years 2007 the SOG Uniforce and Emirates VA. Both has disapeared by the years. As ex SOC and WM from the UAE DIV i will give my full support to SO pilots and ATC.

Go in close, and when you think you are too close, go in closer.
Commander Shaheen SQ. ‘Griffin”, UAF.

We are an organisation that will grow with you as you develop. We want to improve the Uniforce to become one of the most realistic virtual air SOG in the community. So that means there is always going to be a new challenge for you. We complete missions that are based around believable, credible scenarios that mirror real world operations and radiotelephony. This means you could find yourself involved in peacekeeping operations, humanitarian aid, air policing, customs and excise support, intelligence gathering and many other tasks alongside our primary role of air defence, support and strike missions. We train for these scenarios in a realistic way, offering progression, development and reward. Starting with Initial Flight Training in a two-seat light jet, all the way up to Operational Conversion in a single seat jet fighters. Offering opportunities for pilots to qualify on multiple fixed and rotary wing airframes means there is always something for you to do. We also have ground roles in support operations like Forward Air Controller, Air Traffic Control and OAT Management.

Valhalla Tactical




IVAO Valhalla Tactical special operations group

Our objective is the training of the "red team" or opposing team, for this we will have as our flagship the operation of fighter aircraft and the respective logistics to supply them such as transport, training, SAR and an arm dealing with public safety (operating with helicopters).
We are a squadron dedicated to advanced training, thus exercising the role of a “private air force”, with the objective of training other military forces and pilots. We seek the most advanced aircraft available from our training and internal readaptations to air raids.
We rely on existing "Top Aces" and "Air Tactical" to provide our operations.

Venezuelan Virtual Air Force




IVAO Venezuelan Virtual Air Force special operations group

FAV-Virtual is a team-oriented organisation with the aim to perform Special Operations flights intending to simulate the operations of real world Venezuelan Air Force in it various historical phases. From Training to operational flights, the FAV-Virtual performs it duty with historical and current aircrafts type serving in real Venezuelan Air Force.
Member of FAV-Virtual will enjoy, awards, decorations and grades that rewards the proeficiency and experience gained flying with our colors.

Virtual Fighter School Italian Air Force Virtual




IVAO Virtual Fighter School Italian Air Force Virtual special operations group

Our school is based on Italian Air Force syllabus.You will fly from 70th wing with Italian SF-260 till your operational squadron challenging yourself to obtain all qualifications of a military pilot. Our main operational squadrons are 155th Squadron of 6th Wing equipped with Tornado and IXth Squadron of 4th Wing equipped with Eurofighter, both are supported by their Operational Conversion Units respectively 102nd Squadron of 6th Wing and XXth Squadron of 4th Wing. All operations are also backed by our Common squadron with C130J KC767 and many others

Virtual Government Flying Service

Hong Kong


IVAO Virtual Government Flying Service special operations group

Virtual Government Flying Service (VGFS) established on 1'st of July 2003 is a group of fellow flight simulator enthusiasts that enjoy simulating missions and various operations such as Search and Rescue in the Hong Kong SAR. We have found terrific enjoyment from trying to simulate the heroic and life-threatening jobs that real-world GFS does. Out of admiration and respect, we have tried to make this group as realistic as we can. This will become ultimately true with more members joining us!

We have both helicopter and fixed wing operations based in Chek Lap Kok; the main operation area covers the Hong Kong FIR and South China Sea. In addition to the normal training, our operations include Search & Rescue, Air Ambulance, Fire Fighting and other special tasks such as Sling loading, border patrol and VIP tours. We provide realistic sceneries and FSX missions for our members that make more fun. A local training airfield in Sek Kong and more than 20 landing sites were developed for Flight Simulator X in order to support our training and operations.

Virtual Ministry of Defence

United Kingdom



IVAO Virtual Ministry of Defence special operations group

We’re the home of military flight simulation in the United Kingdom and operate on the International Virtual Aviation Organisation (IVAO) both nationally and globally. We provide a truly exhilarating experience for all of our personnel be that at home or on operation as we partner with fellow Special Operation Groups spanning across the world participating daily in events such as the interception of a Russian TU-95 Bear approaching UK airspace, the use of the Chinook HC4/6 for a humanitarian project in Indonesia or simply providing a presence at one of the many airshows the Organisation is welcomed to.

IVAO Special Operations flights