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CL SPECOPS Launch Event

Chile Division


13 February, 2021    18:00Z



IVAO CL SPECOPS Launch Event special operations event

Puerto Montt city needs medical supplies so, the Chilean Air Force (FACH), requests international pilots in order to transport and protect the shipload.
In this event, we will count on:

- Transport (B767 - C-130 - B737 - A320 Family, etcetera),

- Jetfighter (F16, F22, MIG29, RAFALE, etcetera), and

- Tanker pilots (KC-135, KC-130, KC-767, A330MRTT, etcetera) in order to complete our missions.

This is the first event of Special Operations category in Chile...


Santiago Air Parade and 91st FACh Anniversary

Chile Division


20 March, 2021    18:00Z

Air Parade, Low Passes, Formation Flights


IVAO Santiago Air Parade and 91st FACh Anniversary special operations event

This year, the Chilean Air Force (FACh) celebrates its 91st anniversary. That is why this event will consist of an Air Parade over the city of Santiago, followed by a low pass over O'Higgins Park and a coastal flight from El Quisco to Valparaiso.

Take your helicopter, Cargo, or Fighter aircraft and join this beautiful celebration in the capital of Chile, making low passes over the O´Higgins Park in groups (packages) previously determined.

Your participation at the br...


Formation Flights over the Atacama Desert

Chile Division


22 May, 2021    19:00Z

Formation Flights


IVAO Formation Flights over the Atacama Desert special operations event

Welcome to our first Formation Flights event on the Chile division.
Our mission is to make formation flights with Jet Fighters and Helicopters over the coasts of Iquique and Antofagasta in order to recognize Chilean northern coasts and our Atacama Desert with a Special Operations Event.
This short event wants to give visibility to our Antofagasta FIR with a low formation flight with both JF and Helis in the groups.

JF Allowed ACF: F16, F22, etc.
Helicopters: All.



Operation Melinka La Sola

Chile Division


19 November, 2023    20:00Z



IVAO Operation Melinka La Sola special operations event

The forthcoming event is set to depart from El Tepual Air Base (SCTE) and head towards Melinka Island (SCMK), where it will execute two low-altitude cargo drops within a specified operational zone. Following the successful discharges, the aircraft will make its return journey to El Tepual Air Base, thereby concluding the operation.

This mission holds critical significance as Melinka Island was recently ravaged by a powerful storm that had a significant impact on the region over the cour...


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