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Emergency Evacuation

Iran Division


24 March, 2019    10:30Z



IVAO Emergency Evacuation special operations event

The South Pars/North Dome field is a natural-gas condensate field located in the Persian Gulf. It is by far the world's largest natural gas field, with ownership of the field shared between Iran and Qatar. Biggest danger in these kinds of facilities is fire, therefore there are strict protocols in effect to prevent dangerous situations and to insure crew safety. If all efforts fail to contain the situation a mandatory evacuation plan will commence and a distress signal will be sent to emerg...


Military logistics

Iran Division


31 March, 2019    10:30Z



IVAO Military logistics special operations event

Beris is a village in Sand-e Mir Suiyan Rural District, Dashtiari District, Chabahar County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran. According to the 2006 census, its population was 2,356, forming 477 families. The beach at Beris is on the north of Sea of Oman, and is located in the province of Sistan. Near the beach are many boats and some special species of fish.

In an effort by Iranian army to provide medical care and supplies to far reached and poor parts of country a mission has bee...


Aerial Firefighting

Iran Division


11 April, 2019    16:30Z



IVAO Aerial Firefighting special operations event

In the early hours of the day Sari firefighting watch received alert about a jungle fire in the southern mountains of Amol. Amol is a city and the administrative center of Amol County, Mazandaran Province, Iran.

Dispatch issued order to deploy teams of aerial firefighting to the situation. Two teams are being sent to contain the fire, team one consists of light firefighting crafts and helicopters stationed in Bishe-Kola airfield, team two are medium and heavy firefighting crafts station...


Disaster Response

Iran Division


19 April, 2019    11:30Z



IVAO Disaster Response special operations event

IVAO Iran division presents another challenging humanitarian SO event, please find a short description of the plot below, detailed information is provided in the Event Master Plan.

Army Air Corps received an order to provide relief packages and air ambulance service to the city of Sarpol-e Zahab after devastating earthquake. Survivors need basic care packages and wounded need to be air lifted to Imam Reza hospital northwest of Kermanshah airport.

You will be flying supplies an...


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Divisional Special Operations Letter of Agreement (LOA)

LOA EFFECTIVE DATE 29 January, 2019

Please be advised that the SO Regulations applies to SO flights conducted in IVAO Iran Division and the LOA presented below serves as a division–specific extension to it.

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The LOA text presented above is the responsibility of IVAO Iran Division Special Operations Coordinator (SOC) and HQ–SOD can not guarantee it's accuracy. HQ–SOD only evaluates LOAs provided by divisional SOCs against some general common standards set by the SO Regulations.

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