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Lightning Operation

Argentina Division


20 April, 2019    18:00Z



IVAO Lightning Operation special operations event

This mission has been developed as a continuation of last years' set of SO events by Argentina Division, you may find more information about them on our forum: http://forum.ivao.aero/index.php?board=162.0 / https://ar.ivao.aero/?lang=en&pagina=eventos/en/pasados.

Desert Fox

Argentina Division


18 May, 2019    18:00Z



IVAO Desert Fox special operations event

This is another event by Argentina IVAO division, the aim is to improve teamwork, communications and use of brevity words. There are several missions available for pilots to choose from.

Following a fictitious conflict between fictitious countries, we will be simulating a BLUE-GREEN-YELLOW coalition against RED party.

The main goal is to neutralise RED airbase facilities, however, as there is no information on the exact location of this airbase, reconnaissance planes will go fi...


Argos Operation

Argentina Division


18 August, 2019    18:00Z



IVAO Argos Operation special operations event

This mission has been developed as a continuation of last years' set of SO events organised by Argentina Division, you may find more information about them on our forum: http://forum.ivao.aero/index.php?board=162.0 / https://ar.ivao.aero/?lang=en&pagina=eventos/en/pasados...


You may check archive data for SO events organised before 01 December 2018.

Armada Argentina Virtual




IVAO Armada Argentina Virtual special operations group

The Virtual Argentine Navy performs most of the flight operations carried out by real Argentine Navy’s Naval Aviation. Our mission is to bring attack, anti-submarine and exploration capabilities using carrier or land-based airplanes and helicopters, operating from carriers at sea and different coastal bases.

The Naval Aviation School (ESANv) provides basic and advanced instruction and training to the future naval pilots. Pilots have ranks according to their recorded flight hours, missions, and carrier operations. Internal communications include chat groups, web and social networks. Specific Naval Air Operations, Joint and Combined Operations with other Armed Forces, as well as humanitarian missions in case of natural disasters or emergencies are performed regularly. The Armada Argentina Virtual (ARAv) operates mostly the same airplanes as the real Navy does.

EBRAD Spec Ops




IVAO EBRAD Spec Ops special operations group

EBRAD Spec Ops was created in 2009 with the aim of sharing flights and promoting Special Operations on the IVAO. We carry out all types of SO flights, but those that we can highlight are escort flights, SAR, transport (simulating humanitarian aid) and a lot of training with VFR and IFR navigation. Our commitment is to foster camaraderie, a friendly environment where we can all share experiences. Those who wish to join us are welcome and it will be a pleasure to be able to share pleasant moments with you crossing the virtual skies together.

Virtual Army Aviation




IVAO Virtual Army Aviation special operations group

Argentine Army Virtual has as its main objective to participate in the events carried out by the Argentinian division as well as preparation of its pilots for them. That is why Argentine Army Virtual has its own pilot school where members are prepared to fly military aircraft types, both fixed and rotary wing, also allowing them to establish bonds of friendship. Also, once they are ready, they begin to carry out different types of activities such as: civilian operations, providing humanitarian aid in the different territories, on the other hand, military-type activities such as transfer of troops in different theatres of operations, providing aerial coverage, support for ground troops, medical evacuations in combat, air assault and ground attack. All these activities are carried out with other divisions and special operations groups. It is our desire to continue contributing to the Argentina division.

Divisional Special Operations Order

Divisional Special Operations Order (SO Order) is a mechanism by which information of a lasting and mandatory character relating to SO matters of a particular IVAO division is made available to IVAO users. Compliance with divisional SO Order is mandatory when operating within the concerned division. SO Order is prepared by divisional authorities.

Refer to IVAO SO Regulations for network SO rules.

Divisional SO Order (Effective 05 December, 2019)

IVAO Special Operations flights