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Operation Tic tac toe

IVAO Eastern Europe and Northern Asia MCD


24 August, 2019    12:00Z



IVAO Operation Tic tac toe special operations event

XR Special Operations Department kindly invites everyone to the third international Special Operations Event CAT-A operation Tic Tac Toe that will take place on the 24th of August from 12:00 to 15:00 UTC.

Participants will perform visual search for objects in specific locations; search locations as well as actual search objects are marked in a special way to aid searching. Each participant has to identify each object to complete this event. Detailed information is provided in the Event...


Operation Hurricane

IVAO Eastern Europe and Northern Asia MCD


09 November, 2019    12:00Z

Air to Ground, Paratrooper Drop


IVAO Operation Hurricane special operations event

The Special Operations Department of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan Division invites members to its fourth International Special Operations Event, Operation Hurricane, on the 9th November 2019 from 12:00 until 14:00 UTC.

The XR Special Operations Command Centre has not received a scheduled update report from one of its military aerodromes located in the UAR24 restricted area and have tried to establish communications with it, but sadly there is no response. Images from ground and...


Operation Baikal

IVAO Eastern Europe and Northern Asia MCD


27 June, 2020    12:00Z

Evacuation, firefighting


IVAO Operation Baikal special operations event

XR Special Operations Department kindly invites everyone to International Special
Operations Event Operation «Baikal» on the 27th of June 12:00 – 15:00 UTC.

The Russian emergency response service has received a message about a forest fire in the region of Irkutsk, near the villages of Kuret, Alaguy and Yelantsy. On account of locals, the fire has been started with the presence of wind blowing to the west. It is moving quickly and presents a challenge for the self-e...


First part, Eastern Shield

IVAO Eastern Europe and Northern Asia MCD

Russia, North Korea

08 November, 2020    12:00Z

AG, maritime patrol, AAR, CAP, logistic


IVAO <i>First part,</i> Eastern Shield special operations event

The «Eastern Shield» is a joined exercise of three divisions: XR MCD, XE MCD and ID division, which are to take place in November in two parts. First part will be on the 8th 12 – 16 UTC. Second part will be on the 15th of November. Per the legend, a group of militarized naval vessels units have overtaken strategic and economically essential naval regions and started to seize the production from trading, fishing vessels and coastal areas. The participants need to react quickly t...


Russian Search and Rescue Operation 2023



28 October, 2023    15:00Z



IVAO Russian Search and Rescue Operation 2023 special operations event

Dear friends!
The Department of Special Operations, together with the XR Division,
are pleased to present you a new event - "SARO23"

We suggest you go in search of missing cruise liners with people on board, find them and save them.
Yes, friends, this is a Search And Rescue Operation.

We hope that this Operation will give you interest and pleasure, you will enjoy the beautiful views of the Russian Far East, the Lena River and Yakutsk Airport.
So, a...


You may check archive data for SO events organised before 01 December 2018.

The Special Operations are important part of real world aviation and it is also an important part of IVAO and its aviation simulation community. Special Operations include, but are not limited to: Coast Guard operations, firefighting, search and rescue operations, lifeliners, police operations, all flights that are performed in accordance with rules and procedures other than those that fully comply with ICAO SARPs or other civil rules and procedures. Controlling military units and other units other than civil ATS responsible for aforementioned flights (activities) also fall under the framework of Special Operations.

To regulate the special operations in XR MCD Special Operations Department has being opened the department is responsible for the flights of state and experimental aviation within the division, SO events, SO tour and SO documents. The department is leaded by the Special Operations Coordinator (SOC) and Special Operations Assistant Coordinator (SOAC).

The XR SO department was established in 2011. Since that moment the development of special operations in Russia begun and later the XR MCD So activities has being accommodated.

The main task of Special Operations Department in the XR MCD is to popularize special operations in the division and to enhance division member’s knowledge in special operations area.

Please find information on SO in XR division in this information booklet

Divisional Special Operations Order

Divisional Special Operations Order (SO Order) is a mechanism by which information of a lasting and mandatory character relating to SO matters of a particular IVAO division is made available to IVAO users. Compliance with divisional SO Order is mandatory when operating within the concerned division. SO Order is prepared by divisional authorities.

Refer to IVAO SO Regulations for network SO rules.

Divisional SO Order (Effective 04 December, 2020)

IVAO Special Operations flights