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Avila Airbridge

Venezuela Division


26 January, 2020    19:00Z



IVAO Avila Airbridge special operations event

Sunday 26th January 2020
19:00 - 22:00 UTC

This exercise is an airlift operation to establish an airbridge to delivery personnel. Tactical approaches and departures will be necessary in an airfield with surrounding rough terrain and sometimes challenging weather.

You must perform steep approaches, STOL, MITO and if you have, RATO takeoffs.

The event will start at Josefa Camejo Airport (SVJC) and participants must establish an airbridge to Gen...


Independence Day

Venezuela Division


05 July, 2020    15:00Z

Air Parade, Air Show


IVAO Independence Day special operations event

Come on and celebrate Venezuelan Independence Day with a flyover of Proceres monument in Caracas.
Military jets will depart Nearby El Libertador airbase (SVBL) and will fly display formation over Caracas in a tradition of many years of flying parade, amusing the spectators in site or over TV throught decades. Is regarded the more astonishing part of the customary military parade held every year.
You will depart El libertador Airbase (SVBL) to joint your display formation, fly a counteclo...


You may check archive data for SO events organised before 01 December 2018.

Venezuelan Virtual Air Force




IVAO Venezuelan Virtual Air Force special operations group

FAV-Virtual is a team-oriented organisation with the aim to perform Special Operations flights intending to simulate the operations of real world Venezuelan Air Force in it various historical phases. From Training to operational flights, the FAV-Virtual performs it duty with historical and current aircrafts type serving in real Venezuelan Air Force.
Member of FAV-Virtual will enjoy, awards, decorations and grades that rewards the proeficiency and experience gained flying with our colors.

Divisional Special Operations Order

Divisional Special Operations Order (SO Order) is a mechanism by which information of a lasting and mandatory character relating to SO matters of a particular IVAO division is made available to IVAO users. Compliance with divisional SO Order is mandatory when operating within the concerned division. SO Order is prepared by divisional authorities.

Refer to IVAO SO Regulations for network SO rules.

Divisional SO Order (Effective 26 July, 2020)

IVAO Special Operations flights