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On 1792 a new newspaper is talking about 'Revolution' and freedom. Some years later Quito declared its freedom from Spain, but in 1822 at Pichincha Volcano, Venezuelan Simon Bolivar, and Antonio Jose de Sucre (Mariscal Sucre) provided the ideas of revolution, freedom, and democracy got their maximum expression. To this day Ecuador is a modern democratic and free republic. For that reason, from IVAO Ec SpecOps Dept want to celebrate these 200 heroic acts, and commemorate all the men, women, slaves, and forages who gave their lives for this idea.

Come to Quito, Ecuador capital at 2850 m.a.s.l., bringing VIP guests to a ceremony, escorting their aircraft, or transporting them there in a helicopter.

Save the date to May 21st, 2022, from 20 UTC.

See you later!