"Tiger Meet 2022"
International SO event

This event has finished

Hellenic Division, Special Operations and HAFv organizes the Tiger Meet Event for

the 1st year on 28th May 2022

Squadron “TIGER” History

335 is the oldest Greek Squadron established in October 1941 during WWII in
airport Akir in Palestine due to German - Italian occupation in Greece at this time. Greek Royal Air Force Pilots escaped from Greece then were the first Squadron personnel trained by RAF.

Squadron was equipped by Hurricane IIB/IIC firstly but since December 1943 by
Spitfire VB/VC operating in North Africa, Italy, Yugoslavia, Albania and occupied

Greece (Crete, Cyclades and Dodecanese islands).

During WWII conducted 8500 operational flight hours plus 12000 training flight hours and lost 18 pilots.

In June 1947 Squadron was equipped with Spitfire IX, in October 1953 by F-84G
and RT-33A, in Autumn 1957 by F-84F, in May 1965 by F-104G and since April 1993 until 2009 by A-7E.

Nowadays is equipped by F-16M Block 52 Advanced.