"Operation PROTEAS"
International SO event

This event has finished


Summer is coming to a close but the danger of wildfires in the area still exist. In the area of Michio Hill, fires are still in progress. All Fire Brigades are invited to take part in putting out these fires. All units must approach the site and perform their assigned task in accordance with the briefing document. All aircraft, at the end of their task, will land at Andravida Airport (LGAD) for debriefing.

Participating Units
1. Fire fighting aircraft (CL215, CL415 or equivalent),
2. Transport helicopters (CH47, AS 332C1 or equivalent),
3. Transport aircraft (C130 or equivalent).

Base Airports
1. ANDRAVIDA LGAD (Fire fighting aircraft),
2. ARAXOS LGRX (CH47, AS 332C1 or equivalent),
3. ELEFSINA LGEL (C130 or equivalent).

Air Traffic Support/ Services
1. 2st KEP, Callsign : "MAMBO" - Frequency: 129.800 MHz
2. Area Traffic Officer ATO (On The Ground), Callsign: "FLAME" - Frequency: 123.500 MHz
3. MTMA LGAD-M-APP, Callsign: "Andravida Approach" - Frequency - 121.125 MHz