International SO event

This event has finished

Test your skill on making “Rendezvous Foxtrot” where tankers and receivers takeoff togheter from the same Airport and fly to the destination practicing en-route AAR.

On Arrival, perform the “Accompampanied Let Down Procedure” or the “Visual RUN-IN” and accomplish the mission.

It is an unique opportuanity to experience many procedures and techniques used by squadrons during their deployments.

Airports involved:


TEAM: Only for SOGs or group of organized pilots. Each team shall be composed of at least 1 tanker and 2 receivers. Other receivers (individuals) can be eventually added by Event organizers.

INDIVIDUAL: If you don’t find any teammate you can signup as individual and you will be assigned to a team by Event organizer. In this case, be prepared to eventually take either the role of TANKER or RECEIVER depending on the situation. During registration process you will be asked to specify which ROLE you do prefer.