"Snake Hunt"
International SO event

This event has finished

Exercise Snake Hunt is the continuation of a previous military operation simulation organised by Indonesia Division centred on Ranai AFB, Riau Islands, with its operations based at Hang Nadim Airport, Batam. In this operation we simulate the military takeover of an enemy-controlled Ranai AFB through the deployment of paratrooper forces. It is simulated that Ranai AFB has already been controlled by a hostile force and a military takeover must be executed in order to prevent Ranai AFB from being used further for hostile purposes.

The simulated operation will involve three main groups , each having their respective tasks in order to support this operation. Coordination and communication are paramount for this operation to succeed. The simulation is expected to last 4 hours, and its time line is explained in detail in a Event Master Plan. The document must be read thoroughly and carefully before taking part in this simulation. Any inquiries can be sent to IVAO-ID SpecOps staff via ( id-soc@ivao.aero ) email address.

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