"Surya Kiran Southern India Fly Past"
International SO event

This event has finished

To commemorate 50 years of the 1971 war victory, IVAO India Special Ops Department cordially invites fighter pilots to participate for the Southern India fly-past along the western coastline of India for a spectacular display of formation aerobatics over a total of five cities.

The fly-past comprises of a total of five legs. Starting from Cochin International Airport (ICAO: VOCI), we will first fly towards the town of the Coimbatore, tracking the VOR CCB. After crossing CCB, we fly north-west towards the town of Mysore, tracking VOR MSR. After flying overhead MSR VOR, we turn West flying towards Kannur following the KNR VOR. Kannur also happens to be the district where the Indian Navel Academy, Asia’s largest naval academy is located at. After crossing Kannur, we turn south towards the city of Calicut, tracking the CLC VOR. After crossing Calicut, we further continue flying south for our last leg of the fly-past towards the city of Cochin, following the CIA VOR. Before beginning our approach into Cochin, the ATC will break us off towards the coastline to give our spectators down at the Cherai Beach, a spectacular aerobatic display of the Surya Kiran Hawk’s before coming in for a landing at Cochin International Airport.