Special Operations Department Staff

Tobias Eckert

Special Operations Department Director

I am 28 years old living in South Germany; DE–SOC since 2014 and in the HQ–SOD since 2015; first 3 years as SOA3, then a half year as SOAD and since mid–October 2018 as SOD. Military aviation means a lot to me because of my own background in this area. I am passionately involved in this area, as I can support other users on the network with my experience to understand military aviation (regardless of whether comparatively simple or complex military operations). My another very big passion are nature and mountains (extreme mountaineering, rock climbing such as alpine climbing on big walls), expeditions, etc.

At HQ–SOD is responsible for management of the department, management of internal processes and projects, public relations, human Resources, SO Regulation, HQ SO Training and Exam System and MRC projects.

George Anopov

Special Operations Department Assistant Director

Aviation is my second nature.

At HQ–SOD is responsible for joint management of the department with SOD; conducting trainings under the HQ SO Training System, development of SAR framework, web development, SO events oversight, experimental systems & projects research and development.

Sebastian Amato

Special Operations Advisor 2

At HQ–SOD is responsible for Special Operations World Tours.

Jonatan Geeurickx

Special Operations Advisor 3

I am 32 years old and from Belgium. Passionate since my childhood about aviation, I joined IVAO in the early days and spent much time in training staff positions. I am a PPL holder in real life and am passionate about sharing my experience in trainings on IVAO. In spring 2017 I became XB–SOC (meanwhile I am XB–ADIR and have handed over the position of XB-SOC to an experienced successor) and since the beginning of June 2017 I am in HQ–SOD. Furthermore, I support our Executive Council as a Supervisor. I'm very happy to be part of the HQ–SOD and help spreading SO worldwide.

At HQ–SOD is currently an internal trainee and due to become trainer under the HQ SO Training System; responsible for support and supervision of divisional Special Operations Departments.

Siemen Brouwer

Special Operations Advisor 4

I am 21 years old and from The Netherlands where I study at university. Sparked by living close to a military airbase, my interest for (military) aviation has always been there. I am also a Training Advisor for IVAO The Netherlands, teaching others and sparking other people's interest about aviation is what drives me.

At HQ–SOD is currently an internal trainee and due to become trainer under the HQ SO Training System.

Muhammad Nawaz

Special Operations Advisor 8

I have been a flightsim enthusiast since 2007 however started formally learning the aviation procedures in 2014 after joining IVAO. Ever since then it has been a fun in sharing the hobby with such a great community. I have recently completed HQ–SOD internal training programme.

At HQ–SOD responsible for conducting trainings under the HQ SO Training System.

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