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Divisional Special Operations Letter of Agreement (LOA)

LOA EFFECTIVE DATE 03 August, 2017

This LOA is outdated and may contain incorrect information; this LOA will be reviewed by the Czech Republic Division (CZ) Special Operations Coordinator (SOC) shortly. It is displayed for reference only. Updated LOA will be published on this page as soon as CZ SOC reviews it. Meanwhile, if needed, please contact CZ SOC for enquiries. Contact details are on the right.

General rules

* All OAT flights must have correctly filled FPL with specification of intentions!
* Military flights in TRA/TSA are possible only with ATC coordination.
* Military traffic without Division approval is prohibited in the Ruzyně (LKPR/PRG) CTR

Speed Restrictions

* Below FL100: max 250 IAS
* Fighter jets below FL100: max 350 IAS
* Above FL100: under M0.9

Supersonic flights

* at least FL370 during climb
* at least FL410 in horizontal flight
* at least FL450 during descend

Supersonic flight can be performed no later than 1900Z and ATC clearance is necessary!

Military Areas

* All TRA/TSA/R areas are published in AIP CZ part ENR 6.3
* Active reserved areas notified by online ATC
* Flights into activated areas are possible only with ATC clearence!

ATC stations

LKAA_E_CTR (127.125 MHz) "Praha Radar"

* Is responsible for all military traffic when military control is not online.
* Is responsible for activating of TRA/TSA/R.

LKAA_FSS (126.100 MHz) "Praha Information"

* Provides FIS also for military traffic.


* This is equivalent of CRC, this station provides military control and GCI.
* May substitue MTWR and MAPP when its offline.

LKXX_P_APP (xxx.xxx MHz) "xxxx Precision"

* Provides PAR.

Military Bases

LKCV Čáslav

* Fighter jets

LKNA Náměšť

* Helicopter Base

LKKB Praha - Kbely

* Transport and Government squadron
* SAR squadron

LKPD Pardubice

* Training Base

The LOA text presented above is the responsibility of IVAO Czech Republic Division Special Operations Coordinator (SOC) and HQ–SOD can not guarantee it's accuracy. HQ–SOD only evaluates LOAs provided by divisional SOCs against some general common standards set by the SO Regulations.

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