"Virtual NATO Days 2022"
International SO event

This event has finished

IVAO Czech Division is hosting third annual combined event of Fly-In and virtual airshow based on real NATO Days show. The event will take place at Leos Janacek Ostrava Airport.

This event will be combination of FLY-IN OSTRAVA and then AIRSHOW. You will be a display pilot representing your country and showing your skills with your aircraft.

NATO Days in Ostrava are the biggest security show in Europe. The event’s aim is to present the wide spectrum of the resources and the capabilities of the Czech Republic and its allies in the field of security provision to the general public.

! IMPORTANT: We are extremely pleased with the huge interest the Virtual NATO Days 2022 Airshow got. The dynamic display program is now full; therefore, we are unable to include more participants.

However, we are still accepting registrations for standby performance shall any slot get freed. You can register by sending an email to ivo.poricky@ivao.aero stating your:

- Name
- country
- group (count) / solo performance
- aircraft type