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Operation Bearer

Indonesia Division


27 January, 2019    12:30Z

Transport, Delivery


IVAO Operation Bearer special operations event

"Operation Bearer" is Indonesia Division first event of the year 2019. This year we are going to use a concept of mutually connected events (with common plot, story line, etc. We will roll out massive exercises in the near future required for the mobilization of a large army. For that we simulate the mobilization in the mission entitled "Logistic Transport". In this mission we deploy the entire fleet of transports to move logistics and troops that were assembled in Jakarta an...


Operation Foxtrot

Indonesia Division


14 September, 2019    12:00Z

Firefighting, Medical Evacuation


IVAO Operation Foxtrot special operations event

Every year fire spots appear throughout Indonesia as a result of land being burnt to open up new area for agriculture and settlements. These fires are usually illegal and reckless, causing widespread, uncontrollable fire over large area of land. Fire and the smoke create negative impact to nearby cities and communities as they choke people and result in health issues. Pekanbaru is one of these impacted cities, with the government sending leased tanker aircraft (both rotary and fixed-wing) annual...


Indonesian Armed Forces Anniversary Aerial Display

Indonesia Division


05 October, 2019    12:00Z

Airshow, Aerial Display


IVAO Indonesian Armed Forces Anniversary Aerial Display special operations event

The National Armed Forces of Indonesia (TNI) was born during the struggle of Indonesia to defend its own independence. TNI is divided into three main aspects, air, sea, and land, most of which have been greatly improved with their own aerial supports performing different roles for each of the forces.

The formation of TNI can be traced back to the times of national revolution—the formation of People’s Security Forces (TKR), on October 5, 1945—two months after the nation...


Garuda Border Shield

Sky Guard Indonesia SOG


10 November, 2019    12:30Z

QRA, Air Tactics


IVAO Garuda Border Shield special operations event

Sky Guard Indonesia SOG is organising an integrated military exercise activity as an effort to increase the capability of its members as well as the members of IVAO Special Operations globally. This will be the first time Sky Guard Indonesia SOG inviting all members of IVAO to participate in a joint exercise titled Garuda Border Shield Exercise.

The event involves interception, escort, and air strikes of designated targets. Air strikes are executed after interceptions are successful, an...


Operation Development

Sky Guard Indonesia SOG


16 December, 2019    13:00Z

Military Airbridge


IVAO Operation Development special operations event

Sky Guard Indonesia is a group which operate in the Special Operations Wolrd. On December 16 2016, SGI was officially accepted as a member of Special Operations Group headed by the ID - SOD. This will be the third year of Sky Guard Indonesia operating as an arm of IVAO Indonesia, especially concerning the area of Special Operations. The Sky Guard Indonesia is still young, indeed, but the developments we have seen within Sky Guard Indonesia during the three years are a sign that Sky Guard Indone...


Jogja Fly In

Indonesia Division


22 December, 2019    12:00Z

Fly In


IVAO Jogja Fly In special operations event

The surrounding area of airbase Adisucipto (WAHH), know as Jogja is suitable for military aviation training. Air Force to-be pilots are trained here to deal with both mountainous terrain and the sea. The airport also doubles as a civilian enclave airport, meaning domestic and international flights also use the airport on a day-to-day basis, sharing the airspace with military aeroplanes.

After considerations, Adisucipto (WAHH) has been selected for a fly-in IVAO event to
commemorate ...


Baliem Evacuation

Indonesia Division


22 March, 2020    12:00Z

evacuate, humanitarian


IVAO Baliem Evacuation special operations event

IVAO Indonesia Special Operations is hosting
a humanitarian mission this years as part of our program in 2020. Its mission will deliver basic needs such as food, medicines, doctors, volunteers, and necessary evacuations from Wamena to Jayapura.

This mission is centered at Sentani Airport, Jayapura (WAJJ) and Wamena Airport (WAVV). Silas Papare AFB (Sentani, WAJJ) has reported there are 13.000 citizens who would like to leave Wamena as the result of local civil unrest. The evacuatio...


Operation Lasa

Indonesia Division

Indonesia, Singapore

30 August, 2020    13:00Z



IVAO Operation Lasa special operations event

IVAO Indonesia invites you to participate in celebrating the independence of the Republic of Indonesia with events from the IVAO Indonesia Special Operations Department, OPERATION LASA.Every year there are always illegal planes that cross the skies of Indonesia. Usually, they fly without passing permits. The Air Force always intercepts these aircraft and conducts force landing or expulsion.

In this operation, participants will be invited to perform CAP in Indonesian airspace. You are we...


Second Part, Eastern Shield Second part East Asia MCD Indonesia Division

East Asia Region Division

Philippines, Indonesia

15 November, 2020    11:00Z

Transport, Logistic, Heli Ops


IVAO <i>Second Part,</i> Eastern Shield Second part East Asia MCD  Indonesia Division special operations event

The «Eastern Shield» is a joined exercise of three divisions: XR MCD, XE MCD and ID division, which are to take place in November in two parts.

First part will be on the 8th 12 – 16 UTC. The second part will be on the 15th of November 11 - 14 UTC. In the second part, you will have to provide trooping and delivery transport logistic to Basilan Island nearby Philippines territory, there is a frontline camp against militarized naval vessels units which have moved south wa...


PON XX 2021

Indonesia Division


22 October, 2021    12:00Z

Fly Pass, Formation Flight, Patrol, Parajumping


IVAO PON XX 2021 special operations event

Papua is a province in Indonesia located on the east of Indonesia, It is directly adjacent to papua new guinea. PON (Pekan Olahraga Nasional / National Sports Week) at this time was held in several cities in Papua Province, one of which was Jayapura city. Papua has beautiful terrain surrounded by mountains.

PON (Pekan Olahraga Nasional / National Sports Week) is the main national sports event, which this year is hosted in Papua. The event was originally to be hosted in 2020, but was pos...


You may check archive data for SO events organised before 01 December 2018.

Sky Guard Indonesia




IVAO Sky Guard Indonesia special operations group

Sky Guard Indonesia group was created in 2015 as a virtual military group that simulate Military & Special Operations in Indonesia. We became the only group under the IVAO Indonesia directly under the command of the Indonesia Special Operations Coordinators. Various event coaching skills and special abilities became our priority to build this community, learning together to improve our skills and knowledge.

IVAO Indonesia began to introduce SpecOps Department since it was founded. ID-SOD becomes a community of pilots who like to fly differently unlike general aviation or commercial pilots.

Being a part of ID-SOD provides you with fun that will never be found in airline flying. If you're open to new things, new challenges, looking for different skills, here is where you belong.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Let's join ID-SOD!

Indonesia Division Special Operations Coordinator, September 2019

Divisional Special Operations Order

Divisional Special Operations Order (SO Order) is a mechanism by which information of a lasting and mandatory character relating to SO matters of a particular IVAO division is made available to IVAO users. Compliance with divisional SO Order is mandatory when operating within the concerned division. SO Order is prepared by divisional authorities.

Refer to IVAO SO Regulations for network SO rules.

Divisional SO Order (Effective 06 August, 2021)

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