"Operation Bearer"
International SO event

This event has finished

"Operation Bearer" is Indonesia Division first event of the year 2019. This year we are going to use a concept of mutually connected events (with common plot, story line, etc. We will roll out massive exercises in the near future required for the mobilization of a large army. For that we simulate the mobilization in the mission entitled "Logistic Transport". In this mission we deploy the entire fleet of transports to move logistics and troops that were assembled in Jakarta and due to be moved to Batam; we use medium and heavy transport aircraft to facilitate the transfer of logistics.

We require all pilots to fly as much as 2 legs. The First leg should be WIHH-WIDD-WIHH, and the second legs should be WIHH-WIDD-WIHH too. We also limit the ground time for each aircraft between 25-30 minutes for loading and unloading the packages. This operation will begin at 12:30Z and run until 17:30Z. Our hope for this operation is that pilots will be able to plan their flights properly, and operate in accordance with the provided plans.