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Divisional Special Operations Letter of Agreement (LOA)

LOA EFFECTIVE DATE 05 December, 2018

Please be advised that the SO Regulations applies to SO flights conducted in IVAO Romania Division and the LOA presented below serves as a division–specific extension to it.

General Regulations

All military operations activities need prior permission from RO-HQ/SOC in Romanian FIR otherwise are prohibited.

Military ATC

● Romanian division requires from foreign controllers to have GCA in order to open/control LRBB_M_CTR in our airspace(military/civil)

● The LRBB_M_CTR position can only be occupied if LRBB_CTR is activated at the same time, while military traffic management is coordinated with civil traffic.
Military Pilot

Flight plans must be filed M (military) flight type and follow IVAO General rules and regulations.

Speed Restrictions:

250 Knots below to FL100

Climb/descent restriction:

climb/descent rates above 6000 fpm must be approved by Military ATC

Traffic separation

● Both military and civil operating aircraft's must be separated 2000ft or more on a vertical.

● Both military and civil operating aircraft's must be separated 5 or more nautical miles from each.

● No one may conduct interception flight without acknowledgment from the division S.O Staff.

● Escort flight must be approved from all pilots involved.

Military Bases

Campia Turzii
Military Training Zones

TMA Constanta
Restricted Zones

TMA Bucuresti

The LOA text presented above is the responsibility of IVAO Romania Division Special Operations Coordinator (SOC) and HQ–SOD can not guarantee it's accuracy. HQ–SOD only evaluates LOAs provided by divisional SOCs against some general common standards set by the SO Regulations.

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