"Operation Crowded Skies XV"
International SO event

This event has finished

HQ Special Operations Department invites IVAO SO community to the annual Operation Crowded Skies event, a part of network–wide Crowded Skies event, on the 7’th of December 2019, Saturday, starting from 18:00 UTC.

This year Operation Crowded Skies SO event will take place in Germany, overhead Ramstein military airbase. Ramstein is located in the western part of Germany, this area is known to be the busiest airspace during peak time of annual IVAO Crowded Skies events. Therefore, it is literally crowded skies for us this year.

As the aim of the IVAO Crowded Skies event is to achieve as many IVAO users connected at the same time as possible within a specific time period, this year Operation Crowded Skies SO event will also focus on this principle.

In order to provide for possibility of multiple aircraft staying airborne during peak time of Crowded Skies event (18:40 – 19:20 UTC), special routes were developed.

The objective for participants of this SO event is to level fly one of the prescribed VFR routes, either as single aircraft or in formation. Formation flights are especially welcomed!