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Operation Crowded Skies XV



07 December, 2019    18:00Z

Crowded Skies


IVAO Operation Crowded Skies XV special operations event

HQ Special Operations Department invites IVAO SO community to the annual Operation Crowded Skies event, a part of network–wide Crowded Skies event, on the 7’th of December 2019, Saturday, starting from 18:00 UTC.

This year Operation Crowded Skies SO event will take place in Germany, overhead Ramstein military airbase. Ramstein is located in the western part of Germany, this area is known to be the busiest airspace during peak time of annual IVAO Crowded Skies events. There...


SO Online Day at Germany



25 February, 2024    16:00Z

Online Day


IVAO SO Online Day at Germany special operations event

The IVAO Special Operations department is pleased to introduce the first SO Online Day of 2024.

The first division that will host this event is Germany (DE). We invite you to fly to ETNW (Wunstorf AB Airport), ETHN (Niederstetten Airport), EDDL (Düsseldorf Airport) and ETNN (Nörvenich Airport) and EDDN (Nürnberg Airport).

You can enjoy two thrilling missions!

These airports will be open from 1600UTC to 2000UTC.

You may check archive data for SO events organised before 01 December 2018.

Divisional Special Operations Order

Divisional Special Operations Order (SO Order) is a mechanism by which information of a lasting and mandatory character relating to SO matters of a particular IVAO division is made available to IVAO users. Compliance with divisional SO Order is mandatory when operating within the concerned division. SO Order is prepared by divisional authorities.

Refer to IVAO SO Regulations for network SO rules.

Divisional SO Order (Effective 14 January, 2021)

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