"LIRP Pisa Airport RFE"
International SO event

This event has finished

The purpose of this event is to simulate a real day of operations at this particular airport that accommodates both civilian and military traffic.

Pisa San Giusto is the most popular airport of Tuscany and the 10th most busiest airport in Italy. It hosts the 46th airlift brigade with C130J and C27J aircrafts plus 2 groups of “Police Service” Helicopters (Carabinieri and Guardia di Finanza).

SpecialOps Pilots that want to participate need to consider of planning one of these types of missions:

-Cargo transport or Ferry Flight;

-AAR with KC130;

-Airdrops with both aiplanes and helicopters;


-Police Helicopters (Buster Air Traffic);

-VIP transport;

-Navigation (instrumental,low level etc), diversion and approach practice.

Pilots can pick a Slot and decide if that given time is an ETA or an ETD and decide their:

-Type of flight/mission task

-Flight Rules (IFR/VFR)

-GAT/OAT rules



Ramps usage:

-Ramp5 main ramp for C130J

-Ramp3 main ramp for C27J

-Ramp4,Ramp1 and Military Apron used by Other military Aircrafts