"Search and Rescue"
International SO event

This event has finished

In the last few hours a ship has departed from Montevideo's Port to Río Grande, Brazil, with 4 crew members and 17 passengers.
After one hour the vessel has lost contact with the maritime radar.
The Navy and the Uruguayan Air Force activated the SAR (Search and Rescue) prodecure.
A groups of pilots must search the vessel and rescue its occupants.

Pilots Group 1 "AIRPLANE"
Acft: Lockheed C130, Embraer C95 (E110), CASA C212, Beechcraft BE20, Cessna O-2 (C337), or similar.
Dep/Arr airport: Carrasco Intl Airport (SUMU)

Pilots Group 2 "HELICOPTER"
Acft: Bell 212, UH1H, Bell 412, Airbus AS365, or similar.
Dep/Arr airport: DEP Capitán Curbelo Intl (SULS) / ARR El Jagüel Departamental (SUPE)

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