"Operation Iron Heart"
International SO event

This event has finished

Safeguarding national airspace is essential for maintaining national sovereignty, thereby squadrons 201 and 301 play a vital role in protecting national territory from any type of external and / or internal threat.
Bearing this in mind, Operation Iron Heart will be characterized by the rapid and effective intervention of combat aircraft to intercept and ascertain any situation that unfolds with another aircraft in national airspace. This interception mission will be based on non-compliance with orders from a non-military aircraft that enters airspace without authorization, is not cooperating with air traffic control or has no reason to fly over national airspace.
In addition to promoting rapid execution of procedures by the pilots who will intercept the uncooperative aircraft, this mission also serves for intercepted pilots to train their ability to be guided by a military aircraft and not exclusively by the air traffic controller.
The mission is concluded when the intercepted aircraft lands safely at the military aerodrome defined for the purpose.