"Vulcano Operation"
International SO event

This event has finished

IVAO Colombia Division Special Operations Department is holding a logistics support mission. The main objective of "Vulcano Operation" mission is to deliver logistics to San Andres Island. IVAO Colombia SpecOps will center this operation at SKBQ Malambo Atlantico CACOM 3. Several large operations will be held in 2019 and thus will require supports from many parties. IVAO Colombia SpecOps invites all divisions to take part in this mission on April 13, operating in and out from SKBQ Malambo Atlántico CACOM 3 to SKSP Gacar San Andres Islas.

Medium and heavy transport aircraft can be used to facilitate the transfer of logistics. This operation will begin at 18:00Z and run until 21:00Z.