International SO event

This event has finished

IVAO Ecuador SO Department is proud to invite you to our first SO Event in our history.

For this occasion we decided to launch two special missions, These missions will take place next Sunday, August 15th from 20h to 22h30 UTC at "El Coca" Airport and inside the Special Area "SER-12|DAYUMA".

Ecuador Army has some training exercise in the heart of Ecuador Jungle, they decided to use at base "El Coca". The missions that you could decide to perform are 1. A Search and Rescue Mission (SAR) Airplanes and Helicopters will fly inside the jungle to find the lost aircraft and rescue the casualties. Or B. An Air Patrol Group Flight where you flight covering a boat convoy.

You are totally free to decide which of one performs it.
The briefing will be done at IVAO HQ-SOD Official Discord Server on August 15th a 19h30 UTC.

We guarantee full ATC service to enjoy this party.