"IVAO Thailand Air Rally 2021"
International SO event

This event has finished

IVAO Thailand Special Operations Department invites all of you to participate in the Air Rally Event on the 15th of October 11:00-15:00 UTC.

“What is Air Rally?”
Air Rally is a competitive event that takes place from one point. Go to another point. The goal is to reach the destination as quickly as possible, just like a real-world Air Rally. But it's different in that ours are 2 Legs. The first pilot flew to hand tag the other pilot and flew back.

“Like this, the staff who organized the event had an advantage. because I saw this area before."
Don’t worry about this. Because we have the meeting of the co-organizers of the staff came out like that. We will not allow staff participating in this event to participate in the competition as contestants in order to ensure fair competition.

Put your flying and navigation skills to the limit with your teammate and competed with another team for victory.