"Refueling Initiation Exercise"
International SO event

This event has finished

The Ala 23 Virtual SOG together with the Virtual Air Defense initiate the training course (in a form of SO events) with first mission in which we will do a refuelling exercise. Our events will take place within the airspace of Spain.

Fighter & transport pilots as well as controllers for Talavera Air Base (LEBZ) are welcomed.

This particular exercise consists of actual refuelling procedures, escort flying, visual and instrument approaches.

The mission will begin at 1700Z with a verbal briefing in which the final instructions will be given and the possible formation groups will be assigned. At 1730Z we will startup engines and go to the first point of the route as indicated in the briefing. At approximately 1800Z we will begin to carry out the replenishment to be back in LEBZ at 1900Z. Please find more details in the Event Master Plan document.

Our hope for this operation is that pilots will be able to plan their flights properly, and operate in accordance with the provided plans.