"Torrejon AFB two hours"
International SO event

This event has finished

Hello Special Operations users

For two hours we will simulate some of the real operations that the Torrejón de Ardoz Air Base can have. We will have an additional incentive of a civil event held in nearby Barajas airport -- a challenge for pilots and ATC.

We have prepared some missions that we hope you will enjoy.

We have prepared escort missions of VIP planes, AAR refueling missions, transport missions, both reactors and turbohelices, as well as a police mission with helicopter, a mission of firefighting, this only for FS9, FSX and P3D simulators.

Also if you aren't interested in flying any of these missions we let you fly with your favourite plane from or to your home base or airport that you prefer. The only condition is that you can not fly your person or be a SST plane. On these flights there will only be 8 arrivals and 8 departures. And it is necessary to request a PPR to the Special Operations Department of Spanish Division.

It is an event in conjunction with the Spanish division which at the same time will be holding an event in LEMD, Madrid Barajas, at only 10nm and some of the approaches to Torrejon are made by locators to tracks 32 of LEMD.

So be prepared the letters of LETO and if you fly VFR to study the visual flight charts in the TMA of Madrid.
Do not worry because a few days before the event you will receive a pack with the letters and the mission to perform.

See you at the event.

We hope you enjoy.

SpecOps Dept. IVAO Spain

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