New SO Regulations

13 October, 2019

IVAO HQ Special Operations Department informs IVAO users of the upcoming major revision of network SO Regulations.

Specialised traffic timelapse

01 September, 2019

IVAO HQ Special Operations brings to you a timelapse of IVAO specialised air traffic of 1 week condensed in 60 seconds. Watch specialised traffic performing various operations across all continents on IVAO, 24/7. Join the party!


HQ-SOD Twitter account

29 August, 2019

IVAO HQ Special Operations Department welcomes you to our newly found twitter account.
Get the latest departmental news, as well as timely operational information on your favourite microblogging service.


Engage with us with @ivaosod handler or #ivaospecops tag

HQ-SOD Discord server

23 August, 2019

Dear SO community,

HQ-SOD department would like to invite you all to our newly found dedicated Discord channel -- a place to discuss SO activities in text or voice between yourselves as well as with HQ-SOD staff and your divisional SO staff, to catch up on HQ-SOD announcements & news, show your art of screenshots, SO skills and to stream live SO. It is also a technical platform for voice coordination of SO events and intraflight (formation) communications, regardless where, how and ...

Vacancies at HQ-SOD

23 August, 2019

The Special Operations Department is looking for three (3) Special Operations Advisors responsible for specific geographical world regions with diverse range of tasks, as well as general departmental duties. These roles primarily involve development of SO activities in assigned regions, as well liaison with divisional SO authorities, their support and oversight.

Please find requirements, details on how to apply, as well as extract of responsibilities, on the IVAO forum,

HQ-SOD air race/competition events working group

17 August, 2019

HQ Special Operations department is looking to develop and continually run a set of air race/competition events that will be organized few times each year, every year. The aim is to develop challenging Special Operations competition venue (or several different venues) that will become IVAO SO tradition and highly sought events.

The project is in its early brainstorming stage; there are multiple options of what these competitions could be, how they could be organized and executed, how ru ...

New Department Director and Assistant Director

16 August, 2019

Gеоrgе Аnоpоv and Jack Plumb were appointed by the Executive Council as Department Director and Assistant Department Director respectively.

HQ Special Operations Department is a fast developing place; over the last year a number of significant changes have been introduced as part of a bigger roadmap for development of our department and of Special Operations on IVAO in general. We have a number short-term and long-term projects under active development at various stages of readi ...

2018 statistics on Specialised traffic

03 May, 2019

Dear members of the IVAO SO community,

This is a first edition of HQ–SOD published statistics on IVAO specialised air traffic. The purpose of this publication is to provide quantitative information on IVAO specialised air traffic, categorised and itemised by different properties, as well as geographically; it may give IVAO members a bigger picture on IVAO specialised traffic, and aid IVAO staff members in decision making.

This publication covers 12 complete months of th ...

HQ-SOD Circular on SO Events

18 April, 2019

IVAO Special Operations Department issues External Circular "on sceneries for HQ–SOD approved SO events". Document is available on the SO Regulations page.

HQ-SOD has a new staff member

12 January, 2019

Siemen Brouwer supports us from today on as new IVAO-SOA4. Over the next 4 to 6 weeks he will be prepared for the very first official military pilot rank in the internal "Trainee program". After that he will continue with his training as a future trainer (first supervised then alone).

Welcome Siemen and have fun with your new tasks.

http://forum.ivao.aero/index.php?topic=328559. ...

IVAO Special Operations Department launches a dedicated website

01 December, 2018

On this 20’th anniversary of the IVAO network, the Special Operations Department is pleased to present its own dedicated web platform comprising Public Website and Internal Portal. After almost a year of development, HQ–SOD is now able to deliver all SO–related information to the community in one single place (Public Website) and interact with SO members via the Internal Portal.

Public website is primarily intended to present members of the network with introductory i ...

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