2018 statistics on Specialised traffic

03 May, 2019

Dear members of the IVAO SO community,

This is a first edition of HQ–SOD published statistics on IVAO specialised air traffic. The purpose of this publication is to provide quantitative information on IVAO specialised air traffic, categorised and itemised by different properties, as well as geographically; it may give IVAO members a bigger picture on IVAO specialised traffic, and aid IVAO staff members in decision making.

This publication covers 12 complete months of th ...

HQ SOD Circular on SO Events

18 April, 2019

IVAO Special Operations Department issues External Circular "on sceneries for HQ–SOD approved SO events". Document is available on the SO Regulations page.

The HQSOD has a new member

12 January, 2019

Siemen Brouwer supports us from today on as new IVAO-SOA4. Over the next 4 to 6 weeks he will be prepared for the very first official military pilot rank in the internal "Trainee program". After that he will continue with his training as a future trainer (first supervised then alone).

Welcome Siemen and have fun with your new tasks.


IVAO Special Operations Department launches a dedicated website

01 December, 2018

On this 20’th anniversary of the IVAO network, the Special Operations Department is pleased to present its own dedicated web platform comprising Public Website and Internal Portal. After almost a year of development, HQ–SOD is now able to deliver all SO–related information to the community in one single place (Public Website) and interact with SO members via the Internal Portal.

Public website is primarily intended to present members of the network with introductory i ...

IVAO Special Operations flights